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Apple iPhone SE (2020) leather case

Horizontal flap

Apple iPhone 11 Pro leather case

Horizontal wallet flap

Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G leather case

Horizontal wallet flap

Samsung Galaxy Fold leather cover

Second skin

Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max leather case

Horizontal wallet flap

Most Recents

OnePlus Nord leather case

Horizontal flap

Samsung Galaxy Note20 leather cover

Rear shell

Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra leather case

Vertical flap

Sony Xperia 1 II leather cover

Rear shell

OnePlus 8 Pro leather case

Horizontal wallet flap



Credit card, coin and note wallet

Credit Card holder X4 - Anti-RFID / NFC

Case for Apple AirPods

Vehicle registration document cover

Wallet and card holder - Anti-RFID / NFC

Most Recents

Siri Remote case

Apple Remote case

Case for Samsung Galaxy Buds

Case for Apple AirPods Pro


Noreve is a concept store with young, talented designers who imagine, draw and develop their own creations. Each piece is produced by expert professionals from high quality noble materials and stamped with the Noreve trademark. « Our creations convey a sense of usefulness, quality and authenticity »

Leather strap for Apple Watch - Griffe 1

Noreve men's T-shirt - Griffe 2

Men's leather bracelet

Men's Noreve leather belt - Griffe 2

Noreve men's Polo Shirt - Griffe 1

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Since Noreve was created the company has been willing to share its experience and offer products and services to professionals and companies. Wherever you are based, Noreve invites you to become a partner. We manufacture and distribute our products and put the talent of our Customer Services department at the disposition of customers all around the world. Find out more