Men's bermudas

Bermuda shorts were born in Bermuda in the 19th century. The soldiers of the British army adopted them to better support the heat. Today, the iconic Saint-Tropez brand, Noreve, has developed luxurious, ready-to-wear models to surprise the male population.

Men's bermudas

Men's Bermuda shorts: the must-have of Saint-Tropez

A pair of men's Bermuda shorts designed in Saint-Tropez allows you to face the strong summer heat. On hot summer days, wear a pair of top-of-the-range shorts with a branded T-shirt, for example. This ensemble highlights the identity of the city. In this way, you support a collection that reflects the Tropezian way of life. It is a good way to show your attachment to the Côte d'Azur. A pair of men's shorts from the Noreve brand, born in Saint-Tropez, can be adjusted to any morphology. All you have to do is choose the right colour to match your skin tone. It is essential to follow the trend and to adopt a chic look. Opt for a good length piece, to dress in an elegant way. Bermuda shorts should be mid-knee length to stay classy.

Men's Bermuda shorts: a chic and conventional outfit

Currently, wearing men's Bermuda shorts to the office or on a date is in vogue, especially on Fridays. The Friday wear concept has allowed some employees to come to work in a casual outfit. However, you need to consider your business. A banker or a health care worker, for example, cannot wear shorts. You can also wear high quality men's shorts when walking around town. In the sun of Saint-Tropez, they offer comfort and coolness while remaining chic and conventional. They are also suitable for evening walks, a common activity in the area. It goes well with sandals, trainers, loafers, etc.