Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Huawei MediaPad M3 8.4

MediaPad M3 8.4

The perfect cover for Huawei Media Pad M3 8.4, a safe tablet for a couple of years

The 8.4 inch format of the Media Pad M3 Huawei allows the user to grip the tablet with one hand with ease. The device has a weight of 310 grams and is 7,3 mm thick. The aluminum shell and the edges are rounded for a more pleasant and not slippery grip. Regarding the finish, the high quality work is worthy of the high-end classification of the device. Unfortunately, this beautiful slate will not fully protect the Media Pad M3 against shocks and scratches. It needs a proper, not bulky and effective protection to preserve its elegant and neat look.

A universe of special cases, covers, holders and sleeves for the Media Pad M3 8.4 tablet

To match the slightly curved shape of your Media Pad M3 Huawei, Noreve House has prepared elegant cases with compact, not cumbersome and lightweight design. Handcrafted, Noreve protective accessories undergo a strict quality, from design to finish. The beautiful sunny colors of Saint-Tropez are reflected through a quality leather. The cuts are very specific and well thought for an optimal use of the Media Pad M3 8.4. Quality, innovation and creativity are the assets that make Noreve cases, covers, holders and sleeves for Media Pad Huawei M3 the best models on the market.

When customizing rhymes with protecting a Huawei Media Pad M3 8.4

Customizing his/her Media Pad M3 Huawei cover, with 8.4 inches format is a privilege that Noreve House gives to its customers. The principle is not only to choose from different templates, but also to add options according to the needs of each. Therefore, a large number of colors are suggested regarding the coating; the closing system can be changed depending on the model; the texture of the leather is selected to your liking and there are many other options for each item. The goal is to allow you to differentiate yourself with a Huawei M3 Media Pad case filled with charm and elegance!

Special protective accessories for a Huawei Media Pad M3 8.4 tablet

Huawei’s Media Pad M3 is a newcomer on the market of high-end tablets. Following the success of the Media Pad M2, the Chinese manufacturer released a more compact and more efficient model. Its processor is made up of an eight-core mobile chip called Huawei Hi Silicon Kirin 950. The RAM is 3 GB while the 32 GB internal storage is expandable via micro SD card. The LCD IPS-NEO 8.4 inch touchscreen is in very high definition with 2560 x 1600 px on a 21.3 cm diagonal. It is a very fine screen that offers good contrast, a balanced colour rendering, and wide angles of vision. The 8 Mpx sensor does not allow the device to glow in photo or video mode. On the other hand, the audio is very well provided with the Harman Kardon speakers with a 2 x 1 Watt power. Ultimately, the Media Pad M3 Huawei technical features are very interesting for an 8.4 inch tablet. All it lacks is a special protective case to be in top form.