Ad Usque Fidelis. Faithful to the end.
The motto of Saint-Tropez!

Noreve takes inspiration from its origins and provides regular customers with an exceptional offer. The Fidelis program was born from the loyalty you have shown us!

Even though we try and offer products which are resistant, made from quality materials, we realise that nothing is used more regularly than a mobile product: (intensive use and handling, rubbed, scratched, wear and tear over time, the effect of acidity from continuous handling, weather conditions...). Faced with these normal, every day reasons for product wear and tear, we have created this program so that if your product is subjected to such intensive use you can renew it on a regular basis. Offer your mobile device a new look: summer or winter, there is a Noreve case or cover whatever the season.

’’Fidelis : a new way to say Thank You.’’

Every 6 months you will get a 25% discount on a new case or cover, the same model as you have already, plus free delivery. Go to your personal page on our website to see the countdown showing how much time is left before your next Fidelis offer. We will send you an email when the offer is available. Login to our website to get your personal Fidelis code number and use it for your next purchase.

Please Note: this code is only valid for the "renewal" of your product and is not available for other purchases. This offer will be renewed 3 times, which means you get three chances to get a new identical product (make your choice from our range of finishes and colours).