Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Smartphone Huawei


Huawei shoots for the stars and intends to dethrone its competitors, even the biggest ones!

Specialising in telecommunications networks, it was in 2009 that the Chinese brand Huawei entered the mobile telephony market. Its smartphones, powered by Androïd, are very popular with the general public for their good value for money. Extremely ambitious, it quickly became the 3rd largest smartphone manufacturer worldwide and intends to dethrone the giant Apple! Among its achievements are its P series which continues to improve over time (Huawei P8, P9, P10...). The Honor range (Honor 7, Honor 8, Honor 8 pro ...) represents the high-end smartphones of the brand. The latest Huawei creation is called Honor 9. It features a 5.15-inch screen with a resolution of 1920 x 1080, a Kirin 960 processor, a storage capacity of 64 to 128 GB, a dual photo sensor (20 megapixels on the back, 8 megapixels on the front) and a 3200 mAh battery. It is powered by Android 7.0 Nougat and EMUI 5.1. With all its technical characteristics, it looks very similar to the Huawei P10. The big difference is in its design with its glass dress and not metal. Let’s emphasize also the place of the fingerprint sensor that is located in the front of the device, just below the screen! There is no doubt that this delicate look will please its fans.

Noreve pushes excellence even further with its new Huawei covers

Always looking for perfection and innovation, Noreve, a specialist in mobile device covers, is always ready to create new premium ranges for top brands such as Apple, Samsung or Huawei. The only one to design tailor-made covers for Huawei that perfectly fit the contours of each phone model, Noreve is unique when it comes to design the cover of your dreams, which is at the same time protective, practical and stylish. If you want to keep your Huawei in its original state, as long as possible, it is important to protect it with the best on the market of protective covers, cases, sleeves and holders for Huawei. A Noreve cover is a tailor-made cover for you and your phone model.

Our selection: Mate 30 Pro case

  • 181,70 $

    Huawei Mate 30 Pro leather case - Wallet flap - Castan esparciate

    [Tradition B - 26746TB68/f]

  • 109,02 $

    Huawei Mate 30 Pro leather cover - Rear shell - Papaye - Couture

    [Tradition E - 26746TE31-PC/f]

  • 154,45 $

    Huawei Mate 30 Pro leather case - Horizontal flap - Jean vintage - Couture

    [Tradition D - 26746TD17-PC/f]

Our selection: P30 Pro case

  • 172,62 $

    Huawei P30 Pro leather case - Wallet flap - Rouge passion

    [Tradition B - 26742TB71/f]

  • 131,74 $

    Huawei P30 Pro leather cover - Rear shell - Orange vibrant

    [Tradition E - 26742TE76/f]

  • 140,82 $

    Huawei P30 Pro leather case - Horizontal flap - Papaye - Couture

    [Tradition D - 26742TD31-PC/f]

Our selection: P30 case

  • 145,36 $

    Huawei P30 leather case - Wallet flap - Bleu océan - Couture

    [Tradition B - 26741TB8-PC/f]

  • 131,74 $

    Huawei P30 leather cover - Rear shell - Rouge passion

    [Tradition E - 26741TE71/f]

  • 136,28 $

    Huawei P30 leather case - Horizontal flap - Bleu océan - Couture

    [Tradition D - 26741TD8-PC/f]

Our selection: Mate 20 X case

  • 199,87 $

    Huawei Mate 20 X leather case - Wallet flap - Gris Patine

    [Tradition B - 26739TB3-pat/f]

  • 104,48 $

    Huawei Mate 20 X leather cover - Rear shell - Bleu océan - Couture

    [Tradition E - 26739TE8-PC/f]

  • 163,53 $

    Huawei Mate 20 X leather case - Horizontal flap - Orange vibrant

    [Tradition D - 26739TD76/f]

Our selection: Mate 20 Pro case

  • 149,91 $

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro leather case - Wallet flap - Abaca ishia

    [Tradition B - 26737TB49/f]

  • 104,48 $

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro leather cover - Rear shell - Prune vintage

    [Tradition E - 26737TE44/f]

  • 172,62 $

    Huawei Mate 20 Pro leather case - Horizontal flap - Castan esparciate

    [Tradition D - 26737TD68/f]

Our selection: Mate 20 case

  • 181,70 $

    Huawei Mate 20 leather case - Wallet flap - Darboun sabla

    [Tradition B - 26736TB61/f]

  • 90,85 $

    Huawei Mate 20 leather cover - Rear shell - Cobalt

    [Tradition E - 26736TE34/f]

  • 118,11 $

    Huawei Mate 20 leather case - Horizontal flap - Marron

    [Tradition D - 26736TD9/f]