Discover our line of Tropezien bracelets, 100% made in France. Synonymous with refinement and elegance, these exceptional pieces are assembled, smoothed, polished and handmade by French craftsmen recognised for their exceptional skills and know-how. Each Noreve  Bracelet is made from luxurious leather, with meticulous attention to detail (elegant stitching, silver clasp, embossed logo...) with the possibility of adding charms or other symbols. This collection, available in the brand's flagship colours, the emblematic "10 Saint-Tropez colours", is inspired by Tropezien values and history. 


Expertise and know-how: Noreve's art of designing Apple Watch straps and bracelets for connected watches

Noreve's talented craftsmen have extensive knowledge and experience in creating beautiful watch straps, bracelets for Apple Watch or Samsung Watch, bracelets for connected watches and fashion bracelets. A bracelet is more than just an accessory; it's a piece of jewellery that lets you express your personality and style.

Premium quality leather watchbands by Noreve

Discover Noreve's collection of premium leather watch straps, available for men, women and children. Precision handcrafted, these premium accessories are made from the finest leathers, demonstrating Noreve's commitment to exceptional quality and craftsmanship. With features such as the EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label and French manufacturing, each piece is meticulously stitched, finished and edge-painted for a truly luxurious look.

A vast choice of colours and customisation: the timeless elegance of leather watch straps

Let yourself be seduced by the wide range of colours and personalisation options available for Noreve leather watch straps. Focused on timeless design, these accessories embody exceptional quality and elegance. Made from noble materials such as leather, they can be enhanced with accessories such as Tropez-style charms, allowing you to create a unique, personalised look.

Exclusive design and Tropezian flair: embrace the Saint-Tropez lifestyle

Immerse yourself in the exclusive design and Tropezian flair reflected in Noreve's creations. These top-of-the-range bracelets embody the art of living and exude the essence of Saint-Tropez. Each product is carefully crafted to offer both sophistication and exclusivity, perfectly reflecting Noreve's commitment to craftsmanship and style. Explore the range of bracelets available in the vibrant colours of Saint-Tropez and make an elegant style statement.