Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Tablet Kobo

Protect your Kobo e-book reader from amongst the best looking leather and PU pouches available. Purchasing a Noreve cover means a guaranteed high level of quality in terms of production and a rigorous choice of materials.

Kobo, a recommended and very classy brand

Kobo was created in Canada in 2009 to produce electronic readers. In 2012, the Japanese company Ratuken bought it to improve it and launch it internationally. Kobo products are not among the best-selling and most famous brands in the most advanced countries, but in other countries, the brand has enjoyed huge success. Among the most famous items, we have Kobo's eReader, the Kobo Touch and the Kobo Glo which know a great success in terms of sales. With the Aura One model, Kobo penetrates the world market. Thanks to its 7.8-inch screen, it is one of the largest e-Readers in the world market with a dimension of 138.5 x 195 x 6.9 mm. In addition, it has better image resolution with 1872 x 1404 pixels. This model of Kobo has 8GB storage although it has no micro SD card input. With a simple design and class at the same time, you have a wide choice of Kobo products with regard to tablets. Moreover, in terms of prices, their high-end tablets are cheaper compared to other brands with the same characteristics.

With Noreve, protect your Kobo tablets stylishly

With Kobo’s electronic marvels, you'll probably need a reliable yet stylish cover with an unbeatable price. Thanks to the Noreve brand, you have a range of covers that has been invented specially for the brand. The lightweight protections have little impact on the weight of the tablet. On the other hand, you have a wide range of colour choices to dress up your tablet. By using the Noreve covers, the use of your tablet will be easy because they fit perfectly the shape and all the ports of your tablet.