Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Pocketbook - Tea Era

Why protect your PocketBook Era with a quality case?

The PocketBook Era is one of the top-of-the-range, high-performance e-readers of its generation. To keep it in its original condition throughout its use, you should protect it with a case, a pouch or a cover that matches its performance, a luxury pouch or cover. By using a quality protection designed within the Tropezian company Noreve, you protect your reader from shocks and external aggressions. You also protect it from dirt and dust.

Why choose a premium cover from Noreve?

Are you looking for a tailor-made cover for your Era reader? Discover the collection of Noreve. Specialists in haute couture and leather goods, our experienced craftsmen develop customisable and practical covers for everyday use. They select quality raw materials to manufacture luxurious, ultra-resistant and durable accessories to protect your device, especially your screen. Note that the choice of finish is yours if you are looking for a specific design. Indeed, we offer you the possibility to select the colour, the type of leather, etc. on our simulator.

A customisable case for the PocketBook Era

Noreve always aims for excellence and focuses on user comfort. We have therefore developed a range of products that are very light and easy to handle. Our cases are also flexible and resistant to friction, which optimises their durability and longevity.

PocketBook Tea Era: a reader with speakers

This PocketBook Era is an electronic reader with speakers. Its E Ink Carta 1200 screen measures 7 inches. Its resolution is rated at 1264 x 1680 pixels, with a resolution of 300 dpi. The brand has increased its contrast by 15% and improved its response time by 20%. The device is IPX8 rated. This means you can immerse it in water for up to 60 minutes. The Smartlight function of this e-reader is innovative and allows you to read in the dark by setting the colour temperature. The device supports up to six audio formats, which sets it apart from other e-readers. In addition, you can connect your headphones, headphones or Bluetooth speaker. The PocketBook's storage capacity is 64 GB. Its battery has a capacity of 1700 mAh.

Our Era cases selection

  • 126,17 $

    Era Case Perpétuelle Rouge

    [Tradition - 17503T7/f]

  • 126,17 $

    Era Case Perpétuelle Marron

    [Tradition - 17503T9/f]

  • 144,19 $

    Era Case Perpétuelle Couture Bleu océan - Couture

    [Tradition - 17503T8-PC/f]

  • 130,67 $

    Era Case Ambition Anthracite

    [Tradition - 17503T29/f]

  • 130,67 $

    Era Case Ambition Cobalt

    [Tradition - 17503T34/f]

  • 148,70 $

    Era Case Ambition Couture Papaye - Couture

    [Tradition - 17503T31-PC/f]

  • 144,19 $

    Era Case Exception Sable vintage

    [Tradition - 17503T11/f]

  • 144,19 $

    Era Case Exception Prune vintage

    [Tradition - 17503T44/f]

  • 162,21 $

    Era Case Exception Couture Jean vintage - Couture

    [Tradition - 17503T17-PC/f]

  • 148,70 $

    Era Case Horizon Abaca ishia

    [Tradition - 17503T49/f]

  • 148,70 $

    Era Case Horizon Autruche ciliegia

    [Tradition - 17503T51/f]

  • 148,70 $

    Era Case Horizon Crocodile pino

    [Tradition - 17503T58/f]

  • 198,26 $

    Era Case Patine Gris Patine

    [Tradition - 17503T3-pat/f]

  • 198,26 $

    Era Case Patine Bleu Patine

    [Tradition - 17503T8-pat/f]

  • 198,26 $

    Era Case Patine Fauve Patine

    [Tradition - 17503T14-Pat/f]

  • 180,24 $

    Era Case Tentation Tropézienne Darboun sabla

    [Tradition - 17503T61/f]

  • 180,24 $

    Era Case Tentation Tropézienne Castan esparciate

    [Tradition - 17503T68/f]

  • 198,26 $

    Era Case Tentation Tropézienne Couture Rose BB - Couture

    [Tradition - 17503T64-PC/f]

  • 171,23 $

    Era Case Addiction Rouge passion

    [Tradition - 17503T71/f]

  • 171,23 $

    Era Case Addiction Vert séduisant

    [Tradition - 17503T75/f]

  • 171,23 $

    Era Case Addiction Orange vibrant

    [Tradition - 17503T76/f]