Pulsion Range


Noreve brings your appliances to life by combining luxury and luminosity. Without ever abandoning its top-of-the-range spirit, Noreve gives a sublime vitality to its finishes with acidulous colours! You'll particularly appreciate the fluorescent matt leather of the Pulsion finish.

Explore the fusion of vibrant colour and refinement with Noreve's Pulsion range. Composed of fluorescent leathers subjected to an exceptional quality vegetable tanning process, each creation embodies boldness and elegance. The fluorescent leathers add a contemporary and dynamic touch, creating a striking contrast with the traditional know-how of vegetable tanning, which guarantees optimum protection that respects the environment.

Add a unique character to your Noreve product and make it shine with luminous colours. The Pulsion finish is available in 5 colours: neon yellow, neon pink, neon blue, neon green & neon orange. Young and dynamic, full of energy and drive, this finish will delight lovers of bright, flashy colours.

Available in a palette of bold fluorescent colours, the Pulsion range offers a unique expression of style and personality. Each accessory is the result of meticulous work by Noreve's experienced leather craftsmen, combining innovation and tradition to create eye-catching pieces that offer premium protection.

The combination of fluorescent leather and vegetable tanning underlines Noreve's commitment to sustainability and avant-garde aesthetics. The leathers, while vibrant, retain a supple texture and a remarkable tactile quality. Opting for a creation from the Pulsion range means choosing protection that transcends standards and stands out for its dazzling style.

Express yourself with energy and modernity by choosing a leather from Noreve's Pulsion range. This unique collection offers a perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, adding a touch of vitality to the protection of your everyday companions.

The vegetable tanning we apply to all our leather ranges is a metal-free tanning that minimizes allergy risks. More respectful of our planet, it includes vegetable tannins (extracts from bark and leaves, for example).

All our suppliers are certified by the 'Leather Working Group'. The LWG (Leather Working Group) certification is a standard for environmentally friendly and socially responsible leather production. Created in 2005, the Leather Working Group aims to develop and maintain an evaluation protocol for the leather industry, ensuring responsible production in environmental and social aspects.

’’Give your mobile a taste of the bright
lights !’’


Jaune fluo - 36
Rose fluo - 37
Bleu fluo - 38
Vert fluo - 39
Orange fluo - 40

Pulsion Couture

Jaune fluo - Couture - 36-PC
Rose fluo - Couture - 37-PC
Bleu fluo - Couture - 38-PC
Vert fluo - Couture - 39-PC
Orange fluo - Couture - 40-PC

Below are some tests of the Noreve's Pulsion Range products

Rose fluo
cindychtis (Samsung Galaxy S7 Tradition E)
cindychtis (Samsung Galaxy S7 Tradition E)
lepetitblogdelililarochelle (Microsoft Lumia 640 Tradition B)
_laura_leonardi_ (Sony Xperia Z3+ - Xperia Z4 Tradition B)
_laura_leonardi_ (Sony Xperia Z3+ - Xperia Z4 Tradition B)
phonandroid.com (Huawei P8 Lite (2017) Tradition)
laura_leonardi_ (LG G5 Tradition B)