Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Samsung Galaxy Tab S9

  • Horizontal flap

    Designed by experienced leather craftsmen, this luxury custom-made cover for the Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 has everything you need to protect your tablet. In stock or customisable in over 100 colours (leather, faux leather or vegan).

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 leather case
  • Wallet flap

    Its elegance, quality finish, exclusive custom-made inner shell, protective edges and corners, padded flap and practical closure make this case the best protection for the Galaxy Tab S9 tablet.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 leather case
  • Pouch

    This high-quality case, available in real leather, imitation leather or vegan, fits the Galaxy Tab S9 perfectly and protects it optimally. More than 100 colours available.

    Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 leather pouch

Galaxy Tab S9 case: essential accessory or unnecessary expense?

Contrary to popular belief, a tablet cover is necessary even if the Galaxy Tab S9 has a high IP rating. This is because over time, dust can become embedded and cause scratches on the screen. In addition, a case reduces the risk of breakage should your tablet slip from your hands. The back of the device will be less likely to crack and the screen won't break easily. Alternatively, buying a high-end cover is also an opportunity to make your Galaxy Tab S9 look good by opting for protection that is fashionable and matches your clothing style.

Why succumb to the charm of Noreve's luxury cases?

With years of experience, Noreve's craftsmen create elegant cases with an exclusive inner shell and the best weight/thickness ratio. Both thin and light, they discreetly dress your tablet while protecting the screen, edges and corners from premature wear. To ensure their durability, we select noble raw materials such as real leather or imitation leather. Are you concerned about the environment and do you want to exclude substances of animal origin from your life? We offer you the possibility to choose Vegan leather when creating an elegant and ethical case for your Galaxy Tab S9.

Galaxy Tab S9 case and cover: what are the customisation options?

Since 2003, the artisanal company Noreve has been a pioneer in the market for high-end mobile device accessories. The brand offers individuals and companies a selection of customisable leather cases and protections for the Galaxy Tab S9. On the Noreve website, there are three designs for the Galaxy Tab S9. You can choose between a chic horizontal flap cover, a high-end wallet flap cover or a protective pouch. Once you've selected the type of accessory you like, customise it to your liking. The colour of the lining,

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9: a more powerful tablet

After the Galaxy Tab S8, released in 2022, the Korean giant Samsung is seducing the public with the Galaxy Tab S9. This larger tablet is more powerful, with an 8,160 mAh battery compatible with 45W fast charging, compared with 8,000 mAh for its predecessor. This translates into a 5% increase in battery life. A brand new processor, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, powers the device. In addition, up to 16 GB of RAM accompanies this chip. In terms of storage capacity, users will benefit from up to 256 GB of internal memory. Note that the S Pen is still available. Finally, the Galaxy Tab S9 is the first tablet in the Tab S range to be IP67 certified. Normally, it is completely dustproof and can survive temporary immersion.