Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Pocketbook - Tea Touch HD 3 - Touch HD Plus

Prestigious covers and cases for a luxury e-reader

After the international success of the Touch HP 2 or Touch HD Brown, Pocketbook and Tea decided to launch together the new edition of their digital tablet, the Touch HD 3 or Touch HD+. It is a model designed, produced and sold internationally by Pocketbook under the name Touch HD 3 and Tea distributes it in France as Touch HD Plus. The high-end terminal stands out by the high definition of its 6-inch electronic ink touch screen. Its resolution is 1440 x 1080 pixels and 300 dpi. The blue light filter, SmartLight technology and the absence of glare ensure a high level of eye protection. The mobile device specially designed for e-book and audio book enthusiasts is equipped with a 2.1 Ghz dual-core processor, 512 MB RAM and 16 GB internal memory. It is waterproof with IPX7 certification. Bluetooth connection allows connecting the tablet to a compatible headset. With a golden body and black screen borders, it has an attractive design, which is more compact than its predecessor.

Give your Touch HD+ an accessory that matches its reputation

The Touch HD 3 or Touch HD Plus is considered one of the most powerful and qualitative e-readers on the market. It therefore deserves a luxury protective accessory that will keep it safe from shocks, scratches and cracks. Choose a custom-made case from a reliable brand like Noreve. The little technological gem will thus be protected from falls, dust and all external aggressions that could damage it and spoil your reading sessions. In addition, it will be an opportunity for you to wrap your tablet with a high-range, classy and simply sublime sleeve.

Protect and magnify your device with a holder from Noreve

If you want to find the perfect accessory for your latest Tea e-reader, choose from the models offered by Maison Noreve. The Saint-Tropez Haute Couture house is renowned for the excellence of its genuine leather articles used to protect the various mobile terminals of the most famous brands. The covers, cases, holders and sleeves are handmade by experienced craftsmen. Each model fits perfectly the Touch HD 3 and has cut-outs cleverly placed in the leather for better use. Robustness, durability and luxury are among the qualities you will find in all the brand's products.

A splendid customised case for your Touch HD 3

Buying a Noreve cover means co-creating a unique and tailor-made item for your e-reader with the House's top specialists. Once you have chosen the finish that suits you best, you can chose the colour you prefer. It's the same for the texture and type of leather you want, fluorescent, patent, Saffiano, etc. Our craftsmen will then take care of producing your creation.