Customisation by UV printing and hot stamping

Let your artistic soul speak

Would you like to offer yourself a personalised case or cover for your smartphone or tablet? Noreve offers the best printing and hot stamping techniques. Find out what you need to know about the personalisation methods offered by Noreve.

1. What is personalisation by UV printing ?

Personalizing your phone covers and cases has become a trend. It allows you to stand out from the crowd and have a unique accessory. However, not all personalisation techniques are equal. There are some printing techniques that are more effective and aesthetically pleasing than others. This is particularly true of the UV printing technique, which respects the quality of the leather while offering a high quality print.

This personalisation technique consists of using a special printer to print several layers of UV varnished ink on the shell. This technique offers several advantages. Indeed, UV printing makes it possible to reproduce all sorts of effects, from the simplest to the most complex, including particularly successful 3D effects. Moreover, this technique is particularly effective as it can be used on leather, fabric, bamboo and even metal.

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UV printing’’

Noreve uses the latest UV printing technology to personalise your phone and tablet covers. You can choose from the various protective models we offer and let us know how you would like to personalise your cover. You can personalise your protective cover with a photo of yourself or your family, with a motif or a particular date. For more originality, you can also choose to personalise your leather cover with your favourite manga character, with the logo of your favourite football club or with your initials. Your imagination is the only limit.

The UV printing methods used by Noreve have the advantage of being particularly resistant and durable. Unlike conventional printing, Noreve UV printing on phone and tablet shells is made to last as long as possible and cannot deteriorate even when regularly in contact with humidity. In addition, Noreve UV prints on phone and tablet shells are vibrant and colourful. The colours are not dull and give a totally unique and faithful look to the original. In short, this is a high-end printing technique, just like the leather shells we offer.

2. What is personalisation by hot stamping (embossing) ?

Personalisation by embossing or hot stamping is one of the most common techniques used in the scrapbooking world. Hot stamping consists of applying a heating block with a stamping tool to create a relief on a given surface. This method requires the use of several quality materials. Indeed, in order to personalise a shell by embossing, a precise and resistant brass mould must be designed.

However, the quality of the personalisation depends on several factors. It is important to use transparent embossing powder when using coloured ink. If transparent ink is used, coloured embossing powder should be used. The heat applied will soften the surface and allow the hot stamp to penetrate the material (leather or TPU).

’’The customization of
your covers by
hot stamping’’

The hot stamping technique itself is fairly simple, but requires experience and precision. It involves putting ink on the stamp, stamping the cover, sprinkling the powder over the wet ink, removing the excess powder and heating the powder using the embosser.

Hot stamping is the technique to use if you want a stylish and discreet personalisation. Noreve uses moulds that conform to the models you want to personalise your cases. These moulds are reusable and are kept for life. The timeless embossing technique on leather cases also has the advantage of being particularly resistant. This technique is weather resistant. In addition, hot stamping is economical for large quantities because the mould can be reused over and over again. Hot stamping offers an excellent result on leather.

You can choose different designs for the personalisation of your covers via the embossing method. This is the ideal technique for adding your initials, a logo or a particular date to your phone's cover. While you can opt for full colour embossing, you can also choose to go for a more sober approach by opting for colourless personalisation. Either way, you can be assured of a premium quality personalised case.