Discover the Maison's collection of Tropezien belts in real leather. The Noreve artisan craftsmen propose several personalisable models of very high quality. Overstitching, smoothing of leather edges, material selection, buckle design... each detail is worked to perfection. All our models, whether for women or men, are unique and exclusive. These luxury belts target customers who are demanding and are looking to wear exceptional accessories. 


Noreve: made-to-measure leather belts, made in France with the EPV label

Discover the elegance of our handmade leather belts, proudly made in Limousin, France. Each belt is meticulously crafted, making it a unique piece that carries the prestigious EPV (Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant) label. Tailored to your measurements, you can choose the colour of the leather both inside and out. Our skilled craftsmen create this essential fashion accessory with the utmost care and unrivalled precision. Whether you prefer a discreet or elegant belt, it goes perfectly with any outfit. Whether worn around the waist or on the hips, you can rely on the durability and quality of our belts and belt buckles. Beautiful and durable, they're designed to impress. Follow our measuring guide carefully to find the perfect fit and experience absolute satisfaction.

Exceptional craftsmanship for top-of-the-range belts

The art of making a belt involves many complex steps, much more than you might think. It all starts with cutting the leather strips for the belt's exterior and lining. Although the cutting is done by hand, we have recently introduced a digital cutting machine for prototypes and non-rectilinear shapes. The end of the belt is precision cut using a die. The strips of leather are then thinned, also known as 'slit' in the jargon, to reduce the thickness at the edges, make the sewing easier and give the belt a curved shape. The outer and inner parts are carefully glued together with an environmentally-friendly water-based adhesive, then pressed together after a short drying time of two to five seconds. A reinforcement can be inserted between the two leather strips to stabilise the belt assembly and give it more roundness. An extra margin is added to obtain the exact width, the holes are machine-drilled and the size and brand are hot-engraved on the end or in the middle of the belt, whether right side up or upside down. At the same time, the buckle and loop are cut out. After hand-dyeing the edges with up to five layers, a seam is sewn to reinforce the belt's strength and enhance its aesthetic appeal. The buckle fasteners are hand-sewn and then attached to the belt, and the loop is fitted.

Timeless premium leather belts

Whether you're a man or a woman, a leather belt will add style to your outfit and enhance your silhouette. Our shop offers a wide range of leather belts in a multitude of colours, materials, lengths and buckles. From beautiful white belts to match linen trousers to freshen up your summer complexion, to classic smooth leather belts for workwear, we've got something for everyone. We make no compromises when it comes to quality, noble materials and elegance. We guarantee that our belts are made in France from 100% genuine leather, by craftsmen who have been making belts since 1969.

Make the most of your Noreve leather belt

It's essential to choose a belt that's right for you. Whether you're a man or a woman, take the time to measure your waist size before referring to our size charts. Make sure your belt suits your shape and your figure. The way you wear it will differ depending on whether you're tall and slim or short. Next, colour is an important consideration. Although a woman can allow herself more freedom, it will be difficult for a man to wear a belt in pastel shades, for example, unless he wants to adopt a quirky style. What's more, the choice of belt should be based primarily on the colour of the shoes, and possibly the jacket and/or trousers. Finally, it all depends on the context and your personal style. As mentioned above, you can opt for a classic finish or slightly less formal, clean edges.

Look after your Noreve leather belt with these simple tips

Our leather belts are elegant, refined and durable. So it's only natural that you should want to preserve them for as long as possible. However, as you wear them and thread them through the loops of your clothes, the leather can deteriorate, warp and lose its colour. To keep your belt in perfect condition, follow these simple maintenance steps. Regularly rub the belt with a colourless, natural cream specially designed for leather to nourish it and preserve its appearance. Also, avoid folding it as much as possible to avoid creating marks and creases.