Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Tablet Acer

Enter into the universe of premium covers in leather for Acer brand tablets. The next stage will be to choose the model which best meets your needs

Acer, a constantly evolving strong brand

The Acer brand, of Taiwanese origin, concentrated its activities in manufacturing and marketing computers and computing peripherals. It is the world's fourth largest PC manufacturers. Acer has also proved its worth in the world of touch screen tablets. Characterised by their resistance, their elaborate design and their affordable price targeting a mid-market, Acer tablets are experiencing a growing improvement over the years. Indeed, the Acer Iconia One 10 model presents real advantages in terms of price and efficiency. With a 4-core processor and a neat design, it has become one of the most recommended tablets. The best is included in its EZ Talking application, allowing two simultaneous applications to be used. Even more functional, the Acer Switch V10 has the particularity of being convertible under Windows 10. The hybrid is equipped with an IPS type 10-inch screen as well as an Intel Quad Core processor. Surely, technical improvements remain to be done, but this internationally renowned brand still offers us many surprises in the years to come.

Preserve your Acer with confidence with a protection signed by Noreve

Acer brand products are certainly renowned for their robustness. Nevertheless, a solid protection ensures the durability of your tablet. Choose the best in matter of covers, sleeves, holders and cases with Maison Noreve. Thanks to a know-how based on the values made in Saint-Tropez, Noreve knows perfectly how to combine quality, design and authenticity. It uses the noble materials carefully crafted to evoke the Tropezian luxury. Cut-outs are neat and the finishes meticulous to dress your Acer with elegance. Several models are offered with possibility of customisation. You will find the logo of Noreve, represented by the moon protecting the sun, symbolising a device protected from shocks and scratches. This is a handmade protection that will underline in all points the splendour and elegance of your Acer tablet.