Illumination Range


Part of a different and unique collection, this range gets attention. The shiny aspect of the Illumination range makes it stand out. This sparkle comes notably from the smooth patent leather, more normally used for dancing shoes or high quality fashion accessories.

The colour range has a precious touch with sparkling gold, luxurious silver, and mysterious black where we find three eternal elements: the sun (Or Maïa), the moon (Platinium) and the earth (Onyx). These three versions will appeal to those attracted by elegant and sensual covers and cases, people who dream of escaping to explore the galaxy.

’’A sparkling range to stand out in a
fashion-conscious society’’


Onyx - 21
Or Maïa - 22
Platinium - 23

Illumination Couture

Onyx - Couture - 21-PC
Or Maïa - Couture - 22-PC
Platinium - Couture - 23-PC

Below are some tests of the Noreve's Illumination Range products

Onyx (Samsung Acme i8910 - OmniaHD Tradition) (Acer Iconia Tab A500 Tradition) (Apple iPhone 5 Tradition) (LG Nexus 4 Tradition) (Samsung Nexus 10 Tradition)

Or Maïa
androidatnight (Samsung Galaxy S II Tradition)
misspstechtalk (Apple iPad 3 - iPad 4 Tradition B)

Platinium (Apple iPad 3 - iPad 4 Tradition B) (Apple iPad 3 - iPad 4 Tradition B)