Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Apple iPad mini 5

High quality protection for the iPad mini 5

The iPad mini 5 is the perfect resurrection of the iPad mini 4. The appearance does not change, the tablet keeps a size of 7.9 inches with rather thick borders, especially at the top and bottom to give enough space to the Touch ID button. The jack socket, the two stereo speakers and the lightning connector are still available. The only external point that differentiates it from its elder is the location of the microphone on the back, which is no longer close to the camera, but at the centre of the terminal. Thus, the iPad mini 5 can easily fits into an iPad mini 4 cover, but its microphone will then be plugged. The tablet has the Bionic A12 chip, which is significantly more powerful than the A8 chip of previous generations. The picture is improved considerably from a 1.2-megapixel sensor to 7 megapixels, capable of recording 1080p video. The mobile device is compatible with True Tone and the Apple Pencil, which is none other than the first-generation stylus. Overall, the technical upgrade is important, even if the change of look is almost non-existent.

Why and how to protect your iPad mini 5?

It is a tablet from one of the world's leading brands. It symbolizes luxury and reflects the know-how of its manufacturer. The device is certainly powerful and robust, but an appropriate protective accessory is always recommended to keep its original condition as long as possible. As already mentioned above, a cover that was designed for the previous model will not work despite the similarity in dimensions. A custom-made case is required to protect the terminal optimally while having access to all its essential functions. Choose a quality model that will protect your Apple tablet from shocks, dust and all external aggressions. A good sleeve perfectly adapted to the iPad mini 5 also offers a better grip, which will limit the risk of falling and slipping.

Noreve cases and covers for the iPad mini 5

Noreve is a great team of specialists in making protective accessories for mobile terminals. Each of its products is handcrafted in top quality genuine leather, carefully selected by experts. The House's talented designers have created case, holder and cover models for the iPad mini 5, which are aesthetically pleasing, glamorous, original and have cut-outs that are well placed to ensure that all the tablet's functions remain accessible at all times. Noreve's experienced leather craftsmen then took care of making them with care in the brand's workshops in Saint-Tropez.

Noreve customisable covers for the iPad mini 5

Each cover model for iPad 5 that you will find in the Noreve catalogue is available in various finishes and colours. Therefore, it is up to you to choose the texture of leather, smooth, grained, crocodile, etc. And of course, you can choose the colour that suits you best. Noreve offers you the opportunity to add a personal touch to the luxury accessory that will long adorn your Apple tablet. If you like bright colours, for example, it is recommended that you choose the Pulsion finish. The craftsmen will then make the model of your choice, adapted to your personal tastes.