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The must in leather or PU cases for your LG phablet or smartphone. Dress up your mobile phone with a Noreve cover for complete satisfaction


LG: a high-end Smartphone

The South Korean group LG, that specialises in the field of electronics for public consumers, is one of the largest players in the world of mobile telephony, notably through its LG Electronics subsidiary. Since the LG G5 did not have the expected fallouts with its fans, the international brand had to work on a new model that is much more powerful than the latter, judged as a good ""camera phone"" without being an excellent mobile. This has been put into practice with the release of the LG G6 in March 2017, that joins the group of high-end Smartphone. Featuring a 5.7-inch 18: 9 format screen that occupies almost 80% of its front side and its 2880 x 1440 pixels, it is highly appreciated for the quality of its photos, especially in low light (dual photo sensor present). Unlike its competitor, the Samsung Galaxy S8, its screen is completely flat and does not present any form of curvature. LG chose to integrate the Qualcomm Snapdragon 821 processor to give its device all the necessary responsiveness. The grip is easy and the interactivity adaptable to its user. We talk about the smart interface of the brand.

Noreve: a safe way to handle your LG safely

The new Smartphone, like the latest LG, seem to be more and more solid, nevertheless they still have some inevitable fragilities like the sensitivity to scratch, shocks and daily manipulations. We no longer count scratched, cracked screens, holed, sunken, shocked corners... It is therefore important to protect them with the best. It is true that the market is flooded with products of all kinds such as the phone cover, the holder, the protective case, the sleeve in plastic, leather, imitation leather, etc., and it is difficult to make a choice, especially when you are torn between a ""trendy cover"" but not at all solid or a robust cover but not really pretty. Noreve was one of the first companies in the Smartphone cover market to combine elegance, manoeuvrability, functionality and resistance. Constantly requiring and seeking performance, the covers offered by the Noreve brand have reached a level of quality such that the satisfaction rate of its users almost reached the peaks. So, don’t look further, you go find the case that resembles you and the tranquillity you expected from it.

Our selection: V30 case

  • 145,36 $

    LG V30 leather case - Wallet flap - Sable vintage

    [Tradition B - 23545TB11/f]

  • 86,31 $

    LG V30 leather cover - Rear shell - Rouge

    [Tradition E - 23545TE7/f]