Horizon Range


Explore new horizons with this finish from Noreve, an exquisite collection of textured leathers subjected to vegetable tanning. Chic and wild, this 100% leather finish will protect your phone, tablet or other small accessory, while giving it that animal touch. As always, Noreve offers you high-quality products. The leather specially chosen for this range is of Italian origin; difficult to work with due to its thickness, it will resist shocks and time. The Horizon finish comes in a range of prints (abaca, ostrich, snake or crocodile) for a resolutely animal touch. An invitation to escape to other horizons.

The textured leathers in the Horizon range add a unique tactile dimension to each item. Environmentally-friendly vegetable tanning ensures that these high-quality materials provide a pleasant tactile experience, while reflecting Noreve's sustainability and commitment to eco-friendly practices.

Available in a variety of captivating textures, the Horizon range allows you to choose the case that best suits your style. From elegant patterns to bolder textures, each textured leather is carefully selected for its exceptional quality and striking aesthetics.

Choosing a leather from the Horizon range means choosing timeless elegance and reliable protection. Textured leathers, combined with vegetable tanning, guarantee increased resistance while preserving a luxurious appearance. These small leather goods accessories represent the perfect union between modern functionality and traditional craftsmanship, creating a unique experience.

Discover the exclusivity of Noreve's Horizon range and give your daily protection or companion a texture that transcends expectations. With textured leathers of unrivalled quality, these leathers embody the art of premium protection combined with refined aesthetics.

The vegetable tanning we apply to all our leather ranges is a metal-free tanning that minimizes allergy risks. More respectful of our planet, it includes vegetable tannins (extracts from bark and leaves, for example).

All our suppliers are certified by the 'Leather Working Group'. The LWG (Leather Working Group) certification is a standard for environmentally friendly and socially responsible leather production. Created in 2005, the Leather Working Group aims to develop and maintain an evaluation protocol for the leather industry, ensuring responsible production in environmental and social aspects.

’’Chic and wild’’


Abaca nero - 47
Abaca arancio - 48
Abaca ishia - 49
Autruche nero - 50
Autruche ciliegia - 51
Autruche desert - 52
Serpent nero - 53
Serpent sabbia - 54
Serpent ciclamino - 55
Crocodile nero - 56
Crocodile milk - 57
Crocodile pino - 58

Below are some tests of the Noreve's Horizon Range products

Abaca arancio
jtgeek.com (Oneplus One Tradition B)
rosenblut.org (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Tradition B)
gamereactor.eu (Apple iPhone 12 Pro Tradition E)

Abaca ishia
ceotech.it (Google Pixel 8 Pro Tradition B)

Abaca nero
forums.macrumors.com (Leather sleeve for 15'/16' laptop)
geekanoids.com (Apple iPhone 6 Tradition)
jtgeek.com (Huawei Honor 6 Tradition)
berryflow.com (Blackberry Priv Tradition)
socialandtech.net (Apple iPhone 7 Plus Tradition)
lecafedugeek.fr (Apple iPhone X Tradition B)
macaficionados (Apple iPhone 7 Plus Tradition E)
obzorpokupok.ru (Xiaomi Mi 9 Tradition E)

Autruche ciliegia
hposener.fr (Samsung Galaxy Note20 Ultra Tradition E)

Autruche desert
bombastikgirl.com (Samsung Galaxy S5 Tradition)
pocketpc.com (Apple iPhone 6 Plus Tradition D)

Autruche nero
techbuzzireland.com (Blackberry Classic Tradition)
Howard Posener (Samsung Galaxy Note8 Tradition E)
neozone.org (Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) Tradition)

Crocodile milk
raquel_trendy (Samsung Galaxy S6 Tradition E)

Crocodile nero
thechrissvossshow.com (Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Tradition )
mobigeeks.fr (Oneplus 2 Tradition)
jtgeek.com (Apple iPad Air Tradition)

Crocodile pino
top-for-phone.fr (Samsung Galaxy S5 Tradition)
chez.charline (Apple iPhone 6s Tradition B)
mac4ever.com (Apple iPhone Xr Tradition)

Serpent nero
zaeem siddiqui/youtube.com (HTC One M9 Tradition)
xda-developers.com (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Tradition D)
madshrimps.be (Samsung Galaxy S6 Tradition)

Serpent sabbia
mobigeeks.fr (Oneplus 3 Tradition)