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Horizon Range

Chic and wild, 100% real leather, protects your phone and tablet against daily wear and tear with an added touch of animal. As usual, Noreve proposes another high quality product. The leather especially chosen for this range comes from Italy: difficult to work, it will protect against knocks, scratches and the weather. The Horizon comes with several print finishes (abaca, ostrich, snake, or crocodile) for that extra animal touch. An invitation to escape to other horizons.

’’Chic and wild’’


Abaca nero
Abaca arancio
Abaca ishia
Autruche nero
Autruche ciliegia
Autruche desert
Serpent nero
Serpent sabbia
Serpent ciclamino
Crocodile nero
Crocodile milk
Crocodile pino

Below are some tests of the Noreve's Horizon Range products

Abaca arancio (Oneplus One Tradition B) (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Tradition B)

Abaca ishia (HTC One M9 Tradition) (Blackberry Priv Tradition D) (Wallet and card holder - Anti-RFID / NFC)

Abaca nero (Leather sleeve for 15' laptop - Griffe 2) (Samsung Galaxy S5 Tradition D) (Apple IPhone 6 Tradition) (Huawei Honor 6 Tradition) (Blackberry Priv Tradition) (Apple IPhone 7 Plus Tradition) (Apple IPhone X Tradition B)
macaficionados (Apple IPhone 7 Plus Tradition E)

Autruche desert (Samsung Galaxy S5 Tradition) (Apple IPhone 6 Plus Tradition) (Apple IPhone 6 Plus Tradition D)

Autruche nero (Apple IPad Air 2 Tradition) (Blackberry Classic Tradition)
Howard Posener (Samsung Galaxy Note8 Tradition E) (Samsung Galaxy J3 (2016) Tradition)

Crocodile milk
raquel_trendy (Samsung Galaxy S6 Tradition E)

Crocodile nero (Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Tradition ) (Oneplus 2 Tradition) (Apple IPad Air Tradition)

Crocodile pino (Samsung Galaxy S5 Tradition)
chez.charline (Apple IPhone 6s Tradition B)
thecaramelcurly (Samsung Galaxy S6 Tradition B) (Apple IPhone Xr Tradition)

Serpent nero (Archos 50 Helium 4G Tradition B) (Leather sleeve for 13' laptop - Griffe 1)
zaeem Siddiqui/ (HTC One M9 Tradition)
zaeem siddiqui/ (HTC One M9 Tradition) (Huawei Honor 6 Tradition) (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Tradition D) (Samsung Galaxy S6 Tradition)

Serpent sabbia (Oneplus 3 Tradition)
prettyroxannestratmains (Apple IPhone 7 Tradition E)