Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Smartphone Sony

Available in several finishings, leathers, and colours, discover the best pouches in leather, or PU, by the Maison Noreve for Sony smartphones, and personalise them. Getting a Noreve cover, means you are getting the must in terms of protective coverings for your precious smartphone

Sony innovates and transcends photos in low light

The Sony Mobile Communications subsidiary of the Japanese multinational Sony specialises in manufacturing mobile phones. It is one of the worldwide top 10 Smartphone providers. The release of Sony Xperia S marks the split with the Swedish Ericsson group and the arrival of the Xperia range signed 100% Sony and not Sony-Ericsson. The Xperia Z was the first Smartphone of the line and was particularly appreciated by Sony fans. Constantly progressing and seeking technological innovation, for its Xperia XZ Premium Smartphone, Sony has made the wise choice to lower its resolution compared to its predecessor, the Sony XP, by offering a 19 mega Pixels (23 for the XZ) in order to improve low-light shooting and colour finish. Successful bet. The brand relies on its skills and its image in the camera manufacturing field but the competition is tough on camera phone, especially with the release of the LG G6 which is pretty good in terms of photos! Featuring a 4K HDR display, a Qualcomm® Snapdragon ™ 835 processor, the Xperia XZ Premium seduces with its stylish and practical design, especially with its sublime glass surfaces.

Noreve offers a wide selection of covers for Sony

By purchasing your Sony phone, you have invested in one of the most powerful electronic devices on the market. Particularly appreciated for their performances and their designs, they remain fragile items that require special attention and basic precautions like protecting their screen and / or their back with a case worthy of the name. Noreve Saint-Tropez offers you the possibility to keep your mobile phone in the best condition by dressing it with a tailor-made and high-end Sony cover. Unlike many phone and tablet case sellers, Noreve, specialist and pioneer in the craft manufacturing of cases, reconciles robustness and elegance with subtleness and modernity. Its customisation module for Sony covers is a pleasure to use, easy and fast, it allows making the cover of your dreams in a few clicks.