Men's caps

Men's caps can be worn in summer as well as in winter. During the warmer seasons, opt for a cotton or linen model. This way you can avoid the odours that can be absorbed by synthetic fibres. In winter, opt for warmer materials such as wool or velvet.

  • Men's Cap Noreve - Griffe 1 - Noreve, anchored in tropezien elegance and sensuality, is an artisanal company distinguished by its exceptional creations, collections and ranges of products.

Men's caps

Tropezian cap: a chic accessory for men

The men's cap is becoming a chic and conventional accessory for men. It is part of the collection that reflects the Tropezian art of living. Noreve has done everything possible to make you stand out with an all-purpose model. This kind of accessory gives you charisma and allows you to fine-tune your style, no matter what your outfit. The iconic St Tropez brand's range features a variety of colours to help you achieve a personalised look. The accessories on offer work well with any style. You can wear them in sportswear, streetwear, classic, etc.

Men's cap: the best collection designed in Saint-Tropez

Wear the designed in Saint-Tropez items with pride. Noreve offers you a men's cap with a curved peak. Indeed, it adapts to all face shapes. Besides, this trendy model is one of the must-have items in Saint-Tropez. Noreve manufactures high quality products to protect your face from the sun on the French Riviera. The Saint-Tropez-based company provides a range of luxurious and comfortable accessories. With a Tropezian cap, you are protected from the heat while walking through the city. Choose the size that fits your head or opt for models with an adjustable strap. Also choose a men's cap that fits your face to enhance your beauty.