Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Apple iPad 10.2" (2019)

The Apple iPad 10.2" (2019), a low-cost tablet that deserves to be pampered

The 10.2-inch Apple iPad aims, especially by its price and display resolution, to compete with the next generation of Surface Go. The high-end tablet is powered by iPad OS operating system. It has some interesting features: a 10.2-inch IPS LCD screen with a resolution of 2160 x 1620 pixels; a 2GB RAM, as well as a 32GB or 128GB internal memory that cannot be expanded; an A10 Fusion quad-core processor; an 8MP rear photo sensor with an aperture of f/2.4, as well as a 1.2MP front sensor with an aperture of f/2.2; 4G, WiFi and Bluetooth compatibility. However, some small sacrifices have been made to compensate for its modest cost, as the borders are quite thick. The terminal also does not have a Face ID or USB-C port. This tablet, which combines excellent value for money, deserves a high-quality cover.

Why wrap your device with a Noreve case, cover, holder or sleeve?

The 2019 version of Apple's iPad 10.2" is available in 3 different colours: silver, gold and sidereal grey. These colours are particularly chic, but fingerprints appear very easily. We then tend to want to clean them by rubbing, which can eventually result in unsightly scratches on the frame. As for the large 10.2-inch LCD screen, with the cost of screens nowadays, it is more than judicious to wrap it with protection. It is indeed better to be careful than to risk breaking and no longer being able to use the tablet. The most appropriate solution is therefore to provide your device with a robust and efficient cover.

Shock-resistant cases and covers for your Apple iPad 10.2" (2019)

The 7th generation of Apple's iPad 10.2" has a weight of 483 grams for a thickness of thick 7.5 mm. It remains fragile, especially during travel where it can face many shocks. It can also easily slip through your hands and fall, as the facade is slippery. Noreve always takes up the challenge of designing an effective shock-proof holder for each device. With their years of experience, the brand's craftsmen work with quality leather to give an optimal cover to your tablet. You will appreciate the wrapping of the terminal's edges, while providing access to various charging or syncing ports.

Your iPad 10.2" tablet in customised version!

The beautiful colours of your tablet deserve to be enhanced with a chic and glamorous case. If you like unique products with a refined design, you should know that Noreve protective accessories offer unparalleled elegance. You will be amazed by the multitude of choices available to you through our online store. Various textures for each style, colours for all occasions, practical options. Wrap your device with its most beautiful jewel while securing it with Noreve, designer of the best covers on the market.