Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Tablet Apple

Enter into the universe of luxury pouches in leather for Apple brand tablets. As well as the ingenious and practical side of our cases, covers and pouches, they also have a look which is chic and glamorous.


Protect your iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, iPad mini with high quality covers and pouches

Protect your precious iPads with quality, custom-made, reinforced, padded, practical, elegant, stylish and customisable covers and pouches. The importance of preserving these high-tech devices is undeniable, and the solutions offered by Noreve meet all these criteria. Our top-of-the-range protections are designed to combine aesthetics and functionality, offering optimal security for your Apple iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad or iPad mini.

Noreve: Exceptional know-how in leather cases for iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad, iPad mini

Discover Noreve's unrivalled know-how and experience in leather accessories for iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad and iPad mini. Our products are distinguished by their exceptional quality, attention to detail, wide range of choices and flexibility. Each piece is carefully crafted by experienced artisans, guaranteeing a unique result. Our exclusive inner shells are fully lined with leather, eliminating any visible silicone or plastic. The raised edges of a few millimetres protect the screen, while the lighter, thinner structure absorbs shock, while providing full corner and edge protection.

Customise your Apple iPad with Noreve: A wide choice of colours, textures and options

Noreve offers extensive customisation for its products, with many ranges, colours and textures to choose from. Whether you prefer real leather, synthetic leather, leatherette, PU or vegan options, we have what you need. Our collection has many models and designs to suit many different brands, giving you a wide selection to find the perfect cover to suit your style and needs. Give your iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad or iPad mini a premium cover.

Committed to the environment: Maison Noreve's green approach

Maison Noreve has a solid track record since 2003 and is the epitome of high fashion accessories. We are proud to be a French brand, a symbol of unique know-how and tailor-made luxury. Our flexible and innovative production workshop allows us to meet all your customisation requirements. We have a dedicated research and development and quality control team, ensuring that each product meets the expected standards of excellence. We use high quality materials such as genuine leather and ISO certified vegan textures. In addition, we are committed to an environmentally friendly approach.