Women's caps

There are many women's caps on the market and the American models stand out from the rest. Noreve offers luxurious versions for women and of superior quality. Their visor is curved and adapts to all face shapes. 

  • Women's Cap Noreve - Griffe 1 - Noreve, anchored in tropezien elegance and sensuality, is an artisanal company distinguished by its exceptional creations, collections and ranges of products.

Women's caps

Women's caps inspired by the Tropézien lifestyle

On the Côte d'Azur, the cap is one of the accessories in a woman's wardrobe. It allows you to maintain a casual or trendy look. Noreve, born in Saint-Tropez, has done everything to integrate it into a collection that reflects the art of living in the Tropézien. So you can proudly wear this luxury product at any time. Look good with a cap designed in Saint-Tropez. It enhances feminine elegance and helps you to adopt a singular style of dress. You can wear it while jogging, hiking, on the beach, etc. Just choose the colour according to your outfit and shade.

Women's caps: add the perfect touch

This summer, take full advantage of the range of the iconic Saint-Tropez brand. Noreve designs high quality women's caps with selected materials. It offers comfortable and practical accessories to protect you from the sun and heat. You can thus walk freely in the daytime with this Saint-Tropez must-have. Between chic and conventional, Noreve's women's caps are suitable for all types of faces. They stand out for their authenticity. Wear one to add a touch of glamour to your outfit and to personalise your style. The brand produces fashionable models for this season.