Éthique Range


As a Tropezian brand involved in an ethical and citizen approach, it was natural for the Noreve House to evolve to a range of eco-responsible protection, more in adequacy with its values. The idea was to be able to offer you a high-end alternative, practical and environment-protecting.

In Saint-Tropez, the respect and preservation of natural heritage are extremely important matters to which Noreve is fully dedicated. Man's ravages on nature do not spare the capital of glamour and its coastline is the first to be affected. Every action can help to preserve the natural and wild beauty of this little corner of paradise.

At Noreve, our CSR approach goes beyond promises. Since 2020, we have taken concrete measures to achieve our goals. Discover our actions for the environment and society:

The vegetable tanning we apply to all our leather ranges is a metal-free tanning that minimizes allergy risks. More respectful of our planet, it includes vegetable tannins (extracts from bark and leaves, for example).

All our suppliers are certified by the 'Leather Working Group'. The LWG (Leather Working Group) certification is a standard for environmentally friendly and socially responsible leather production. Created in 2005, the Leather Working Group aims to develop and maintain an evaluation protocol for the leather industry, ensuring responsible production in environmental and social aspects.


The Vegan spirit isn't a fad, it's another way to envisage the future and the relationship with our planet. The designation "Vegan leather" gathers materials that are not of animal origin. It is made from recycled synthetic or vegetable fibres such as cork. It maintains a texture and quality comparable to the authentic high-end leather while weighing less, having a better durability and superior abrasion resistance.

Unlike leather, "Vegan leather" can be stored at room temperature and humidity during long periods of time without any mould, discolouration or peeling issues ; this considerably reduces the impact of storage and especially material waste.

Not all Vegan leathers comply with European standards and do not necessarily meet all our criteria of excellence. This is why Noreve has taken time to select a quality Vegan leather that is resistant and above all truly environment-protecting. No heavy metals or substances harmful to health or the environment are used during production or present in the finished product.

The Ethics finishing adapts to all existing products, smartphones, tablets, computers, small leather goods ... It maintains the same options as the other ranges, such as sewn-in quilting. It is available in several colours.

The Vegan leather presented has received numerous certificates for its manufacturing methods and environmental friendliness such as GB/T 24001 / ISO 14001 by CQC and QIATF 16949 by the Quality Austria agency.


Éthique Range

Noir Veggie - 77
Gris Veggie - 78
Beige Veggie - 79
Rouge Veggie - 80
Bleu Veggie - 81
Marron Veggie - 82
Vert Veggie - 83
Orange Veggie - 84

Below are some tests of the Noreve's Éthique Range products

Beige Veggie
maxomh.com (Apple iPhone X Tradition E)
pocket.at (Case for Apple AirPods Pro)

Marron Veggie
linfodurable.fr (Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Tradition D)
mac4ever.com (Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max Tradition E)
ceotech.it (Oneplus 7T Pro Tradition E)
trucsdemec.fr (Samsung Galaxy S10 Tradition D)

Rouge Veggie
ceotech.it (Oneplus 7 Tradition D)