Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Kobo Clara 2E

Kobo Clara 2E: a waterproof and environmentally friendly reading light

This entry-level e-reader is known for being waterproof. It can remain in water for 60 minutes. It is a competitor to the Kindle Paperwhite produced by Amazon. It is made from recycled plastic, which accounts for over 80% of the raw materials used. In terms of functionality, the device has twice the storage capacity of the Clara HD, with 16GB of memory. The display also features a dark mode and a ComfortLight mode. This allows you to adjust the brightness and colour temperature. It is also possible to filter the blue light from its 6.8-inch screen. As for the dimensions, this e-reader is 8.66 mm thick, 112.05 mm wide and 159.02 mm high.

High-end shell: why protect your Kobo Clara 2E?

Even though the Kobo Clara 2E is waterproof and durable, it is exposed to external influences as it is used. It is therefore advisable to use a suitable cover. In addition, a custom-made cover protects it from scratches, shocks, dust and dirt. It is therefore effective in preserving the original condition of your device for years.

Noreve Leather Covers for Kobo Clara 2E

Noreve is renowned for the quality of its accessories and offers a wide range of high quality covers, cases and pouches for the Kobo Clara 2E. Our master craftsmen combine their expertise in haute couture and leather goods to design premium cases. They also use top quality leather to ensure the authenticity of our products. You should know that Noreve shells have a slim design. In addition, they are easy to handle and flexible, which maximises their efficiency and practicality.

Kobo Clara 2E: opt for a customisable case

With the iconic St Tropez brand, you can order a customised cover to suit your look. For example, choose the finish that suits you (Patina, Addiction, etc.). You can also choose the texture and the colour. There are two types of covers available for the Kobo Clara 2E: horizontal flap and horizontal wallet flap. You can also add a leather easel to attach to the back of your cover. This is available as an option. To make the protection of your Kobo Clara 2E unique, print or engrave your name or a short message on the outer cover. Note that Noreve leather covers are stylish if you are looking for a gift for a friend or colleague.