Ambition Range


Explore the exclusivity of Noreve's Ambition range, a leather collection that embodies elegance and refinement. Composed of exceptionally supple grained leathers, this range is the result of meticulous vegetable tanning, guaranteeing optimal protection while offering a pleasant tactile experience. The leathers used in the Ambition range are carefully selected, offering a rich texture and sophisticated appearance.

Available in a wide range of colours, the Ambition finish is available in ten shades: ebony, chestnut, ivory, anthracite, mimosa, papaya, tomato, indigo, cobalt & lie de vin. It offers you a wide choice to express your personal style. From classic shades to more daring hues, each leather has been selected to complement your aesthetic while ensuring superior resistance. The expertise of Noreve's leather craftsmen is evident in every detail of the Ambition range, creating items that combine functionality and aesthetics.

The distinctive features of the Ambition range lie in the quality of the leathers used, the environmentally-friendly vegetable tanning and the suppleness of the grained leather. Discover the very essence of leather in the Ambition range from Noreve and give your accessory a texture that combines elegance and durability.

Solid and elegant, this finish, specially treated to withstand daily handling, will delight business men and women. What's more, a polymer film containing pigments protects it from discolouration caused by sunlight.

The vegetable tanning we apply to all our leather ranges is a metal-free tanning that minimizes allergy risks. More respectful of our planet, it includes vegetable tannins (extracts from bark and leaves, for example).

All our suppliers are certified by the 'Leather Working Group'. The LWG (Leather Working Group) certification is a standard for environmentally friendly and socially responsible leather production. Created in 2005, the Leather Working Group aims to develop and maintain an evaluation protocol for the leather industry, ensuring responsible production in environmental and social aspects.

’’Cases and covers for everyday use’’

Ambition Range

Ebène - 20
Châtaigne - 19
Anthracite - 29
Ivoire - 18
Mimosa - 30
Papaye - 31
Tomate - 32
Indigo - 33
Cobalt - 34
Lie de vin - 35

Ambition Couture

Ebène - Couture - 20-PC
Châtaigne - Couture
Anthracite - Couture - 29-PC
Ivoire - Couture
Mimosa - Couture
Papaye - Couture - 31-PC
Tomate - Couture - 32-PC
Indigo - Couture - 33-PC
Cobalt - Couture - 34-PC
Lie de vin - Couture - 35-PC

Below are some tests of the Noreve's Ambition Range products

Ambition (LG Nexus 5 Tradition)

Anthracite (Nokia Lumia 920 Tradition) (Apple iPhone 5 Tradition)
maxime (Urban backpack - 15') (Apple iPhone X Tradition E)

Châtaigne (Kobo Aura HD Tradition) (Apple iPhone 6 Tradition) (Oneplus 5 Tradition B) (Huawei Mate 10 Pro Tradition E) (Credit Card holder X2 - Anti-RFID / NFC)

Cobalt (Apple iPhone 5S Tradition)
blogcasertaquoi (Apple iPhone X Tradition B)
eddyor2controll (Apple iPhone Xs Max Tradition)
stefanoworkout (Huawei P20 Lite Tradition B) (Oneplus 7 Tradition D) (Huawei P30 Tradition D)

Ebène (Blackberry Passport Tradition B) (Blackberry Passport Tradition B) (Apple iPhone 6 Tradition) (Samsung Galaxy S7 Tradition) (Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge Tradition C) (Apple iPad Pro 9.7" (2016) Tradition B)
so415 (Apple iPhone 6s Tradition E)
wastedboys (Apple iPhone 6s Tradition E) (Samsung Galaxy S8+ Tradition) (Blackberry Keyone Tradition) (Apple iPhone X Tradition E) (Credit Card holder X2 - Anti-RFID / NFC) (Urban backpack - 15') (Apple iPhone 13 Tradition E) (Apple iPhone 15 Tradition B)

Indigo (Asus Google Nexus 7 2012 Tradition) (Samsung Galaxy S7 Tradition B) (Huawei Mate 9 Tradition B) (Supple glasses case with magnetic fastening system)
tech gentleman (Huawei Mate 20 Pro Tradition) (Leather sleeve for 15'/16' laptop) (Honor Magic4 Pro Tradition D) (Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Tradition B) (Honor Magic4 Pro Tradition D) (Honor Magic4 Pro Tradition D) (Google Pixel 8 Pro Tradition B)
howard posener (Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra Tradition E)

Lie de vin (Apple iPod touch 5G leather case) (Asus Google Nexus 7 2012 Tradition)
lolwla (Apple iPhone 6s Tradition E)

Mimosa (Asus Google Nexus 7 2 Tradition) (Apple iPhone 5 Tradition) (Huawei P30 Pro Tradition E) (Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Tradition E)

marcCEcases Tecnologia/youtube (HTC One M9 Tradition D)

Tomate (Apple iPhone 6 Plus Tradition) (Nokia Lumia 830 Tradition B) (Sony Xperia Z4 Tablet Tradition)
tech zilla (Huawei Mate 9 Tradition) (Apple iPhone 8 Plus Tradition B) (Apple iPhone 8 Plus Tradition B) (Credit Card holder X4 - Anti-RFID / NFC) (Nokia 8 Sirocco Tradition B) (Apple iPhone Xs Max Tradition E) (Samsung Galaxy S9+ Tradition E)
tech gentleman (Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 10.5 Tradition)