Patine Range

Our partner Johnny Piot is an artisan specialised in the production of high quality leathers. Everything is handmade, using meticulous skills and know-how to produce leather with an aged effect, elegant and distinguished.

The skills and know-how of Johnny Piot lend a touch of sophistication which will make your Noreve case a much coveted and unique fashion accessory!
Delay: + 10 days

’’Elegance made by the effects of time’’


Marron Patine - 9-pat
Gris Patine - 3-pat
Bleu Patine - 8-pat
Rose Patine - 5-pat
Rouge Patine - 7-pat
Vert Patine - 12-pat
Violet Patine - 37-pat
Orange Patine - 93-pat
Doré Patine - 94-pat
Fauve Patine - 14-pat

Below are some tests of the Noreve's Patine Range products

Bleu Patine (Nokia 6 (2018) Tradition B) (Apple iPhone 6s Tradition)

Doré Patine (Samsung Galaxy Fold Tradition E)

Fauve Patine (Apple iPhone 8 Tradition) (Pocketbook - Tea Touch HD 3 - Touch HD Plus Tradition B)

Marron Patine
uptech.mensup (Apple iPhone X Tradition) (Apple iPhone X Tradition)

Orange Patine (Leather passport case)

Rose Patine (Apple iPhone 6 Tradition)

Rouge Patine (Apple iPhone X Tradition B) (Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max Tradition C)

Violet Patine (Sony Xperia Z Ultra Tradition D)