Patine Range

Our partner Johnny Piot is an artisan specialised in the production of high quality leathers. Everything is handmade, using meticulous skills and know-how to produce leather with an aged effect, elegant and distinguished.

The skills and know-how of Johnny Piot lend a touch of sophistication which will make your Noreve case a much coveted and unique fashion accessory!
Delay: + 10 days

’’Elegance made by the effects of time’’


Marron Patine
Gris Patine
Bleu Patine
Rose Patine
Rouge Patine
Vert Patine
Violet Patine
Orange Patine
Doré Patine
Fauve Patine

Below are some tests of the Noreve's Patine Range products

Bleu Patine (Nokia 6 (2018) Tradition B) (Apple iPhone 6s Tradition)

Doré Patine (Samsung Galaxy Fold Tradition E)

Fauve Patine (Apple iPhone 8 Tradition) (Pocketbook - Tea Touch HD 3 - Touch HD Plus Tradition B)

Marron Patine
uptech.mensup (Apple iPhone X Tradition) (Apple iPhone X Tradition)

Orange Patine (Leather passport case)

Rose Patine (Apple iPhone 6 Tradition)

Rouge Patine (Apple iPhone X Tradition B)

Violet Patine (Sony Xperia Z Ultra Tradition D)