Exception Range


Nubuck suede-like leather, a vintage touch nostalgic of the '60s era. Imagine Brigitte Bardot, the queen of the cinema, at home in her residence la Madrague. She languorously drags herself out of the swimming pool to answer her mobile with its Noreve cover.

The Exception range harks back to France's Glorious Thirty Years from '45 to '73, with its nubuck suedeleather. Special oils provide a used and shiny finish which is very soft to the touch. Available in a vintage yet still fashionable range of colours: dark, sable, acier, taupe, mandarine, cerise, passion, jean, menthe & prune.

’’Vintage fashion, elegance and


Dark vintage
Sable vintage
Acier vintage
Passion vintage
Taupe vintage
Mandarine vintage
Cerise vintage
Jean vintage
Menthe vintage
Prune vintage

Exception Couture

Dark vintage - Couture
Sable vintage - Couture
Acier vintage - Couture
Passion vintage - Couture
Taupe vintage - Couture
Mandarine vintage - Couture
Cerise vintage - Couture
Jean vintage – Couture
Menthe vintage - Couture
Prune vintage - Couture

Below are some tests of the Noreve's Exception Range products

Acier vintage
top-for-phone.fr (LG Optimus G2 Tradition)
flow-wolf.net (Apple iPhone 5S Tradition)
flow-wolf.net (Apple iPhone 5S Tradition)
kazuch.com (Asus Google Nexus 7 2 Tradition)
lecafedugeek.fr (Apple iPhone 6 Tradition D)
youtube.com/randomrazr (Apple iPhone 6 Tradition)

Dark vintage
touchmobile.fr (Asus Google Nexus 7 2 Tradition)
forum-generationmobiles.net (Samsung Galaxy Note Tradition)
macaficionados.com (Apple iPad mini Tradition)
iphonote.com (Apple iPad mini Tradition B)
kazuch.com (Samsung Galaxy S IV Tradition)
mobigeeks.fr (Bookeen Cybook Odyssey Tradition)
youtube.com (Sony Xperia Z Tradition)
youtube.com/Bigzwk (Apple iPhone 5 Tradition)
mobigeeks.fr (Samsung Galaxy S IV Tradition B)
freeiphone.fr (Apple iPhone 6s Tradition)
ibibliotech.fr (Apple iPhone 6s Tradition)
socialandtech.net (Apple iPad Pro 10.5" Tradition C)
tech zilla (Apple iPhone X Tradition E)
gadgetoid.com (Apple iPhone X Tradition)
danielefilippoo (Bag with zip fastener)

Jean vintage
allaboutsymbian.com (Nokia E7-00 Tradition)
jbmm.fr (Archos 101 G9 Tablet Tradition)
youtube.com/JTechTalk (Apple iPhone 4 Tradition D)

Mandarine vintage
youtube.com/ alexisbotella (Apple iPhone 6 Tradition E)

Passion vintage
youtube.com (Apple iPhone 3G Tradition)

Prune vintage
ibibliotech.fr (Sony Xperia Z3 Compact Tradition)

Sable vintage
youtube/thefuntouch (Apple iPhone 4 Tradition)
technoviel.de (Asus Eee Pad Transformer Prime TF201 Tradition)
iphon.fr (Apple iPhone 5 Tradition)
monandroidamoi.blogspot.fr (Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tradition)
mygsm.fr (Sony Xperia Z Tradition B)
youtube.com (Samsung Galaxy Note8 Tradition B)
gadgetoid.com (Apple iPad Tradition)
tinynews.be (Apple iPhone 8 Tradition D)