Exception Range


Immerse yourself in the refined world of Noreve's Exception range, a leather collection designed for connoisseurs of elegance. Made from exceptionally supple nubuck leathers, each case is the result of meticulous vegetable tanning, guaranteeing optimum protection and offering a very pleasant tactile experience. The nubuck leathers used in the Exception range are carefully selected for their velvety texture and their ability to develop a unique patina over time, adding a personalised touch to each creation.

Its nubuck-look leather will be the vintage touch that 60s nostalgics have been waiting for. Imagine Brigitte Bardot, queen of the 7th art, in her Madrague residence. She languorously emerges from her pool to pick up her Noreve-covered phone.

The Exception finish offers nostalgics the chance to look back on the glamour of the Trente Glorieuses with this vintage nubuck version. Available in a palette of sumptuous colours, the Exception range offers a variety of shades to suit your most demanding aesthetic preferences. Special oils give this finish an ultra-soft, well-worn look in a range of timeless vintage colours: dark, sand, steel, taupe, tangerine, cherry, passion, denim, mint and plum.

Each case is designed with exceptional attention to detail by Noreve's leather craftsmen, creating pieces that combine functionality and aesthetics. The very essence of the Exception range lies in the unrivalled quality of the nubuck leathers, their environmentally-friendly vegetable tanning and the ability of the material to evolve elegantly over time.

Choosing a leather from the Exception range means opting for a top-of-the-range texture that adapts to your lifestyle and improves with each use. These supple nubuck leathers capture the essence of luxury and offer an incomparable tactile experience. Give your accessory exceptional, elegant protection with Noreve's Exception range, where timeless quality meets exceptional craftsmanship.

The vegetable tanning we apply to all our leather ranges is a metal-free tanning that minimizes allergy risks. More respectful of our planet, it includes vegetable tannins (extracts from bark and leaves, for example).

All our suppliers are certified by the 'Leather Working Group'. The LWG (Leather Working Group) certification is a standard for environmentally friendly and socially responsible leather production. Created in 2005, the Leather Working Group aims to develop and maintain an evaluation protocol for the leather industry, ensuring responsible production in environmental and social aspects.

’’Vintage fashion, elegance and


Dark vintage
Sable vintage
Acier vintage
Passion vintage
Taupe vintage - 46
Mandarine vintage - 42
Cerise vintage - 43
Jean vintage
Menthe vintage - 45
Prune vintage - 44

Exception Couture

Dark vintage - Couture
Sable vintage - Couture
Acier vintage - Couture - 41-PC
Passion vintage - Couture
Taupe vintage - Couture - 46-PC
Mandarine vintage - Couture - 42-PC
Cerise vintage - Couture - 43-PC
Jean vintage – Couture
Menthe vintage - Couture - 45-PC
Prune vintage - Couture - 44-PC

Below are some tests of the Noreve's Exception Range products

Acier vintage
top-for-phone.fr (LG Optimus G2 Tradition)
flow-wolf.net (Apple iPhone 5S Tradition)
kazuch.com (Asus Google Nexus 7 2 Tradition)
youtube.com/randomrazr (Apple iPhone 6 Tradition)
tonytech.fr (Oneplus 7T Pro Tradition E)

Dark vintage
touchmobile.fr (Asus Google Nexus 7 2 Tradition)
macaficionados.com (Apple iPad mini Tradition)
mobigeeks.fr (Bookeen Cybook Odyssey Tradition)
freeiphone.fr (Apple iPhone 6s Tradition)
socialandtech.net (Apple iPad Pro 10.5" Tradition C)
tech zilla (Apple iPhone X Tradition E)
gadgetoid.com (Apple iPhone X Tradition)
danielefilippoo (Bag with zip fastener)

Jean vintage
tonytech.fr (Apple iPhone Xr Tradition E)

Mandarine vintage
youtube.com/ alexisbotella (Apple iPhone 6 Tradition E)

Menthe vintage
mac4ever.com (Apple iPhone 15 Tradition B)

Sable vintage
youtube.com (Samsung Galaxy Note8 Tradition B)
gadgetoid.com (Apple iPad Tradition)
tinynews.be (Apple iPhone 8 Tradition D)