Watch case and box

  • Discover our range of high-quality cases for 1 to 6 watches. Give your clocks premium protection when you travel. Personalise your case for a unique touch.

  • Discover our cases for 3-4 luxury watches to protect, secure and organise your precious timepieces in style. Choose from our selection of customisable cases for optimum protection.

  • Discover our selection of premium watch cases. Protect your watch in style with our premium cases, available in a variety of styles and finishes. Personalise your case to make it unique to your style.

  • Discover our range of watch cases. Protect your precious clocks with style and elegance. Customise your case to make it uniquely yours. Give your timepiece a case worthy of its beauty.

  • Discover our leather, imitation leather or vegan watch cases, carefully designed to ensure optimum protection and elegant transportation of your watch. Personalise your case according to your preferences and give your watch a luxury case.

  • Protect and enhance your watch collection with our leather watch box for three watches. Customisable and available in a variety of colours, the perfect case for watch enthusiasts.

    Watch box - 3 watches
  • Discover our premium leather watch box designed to protect and showcase two watches. Made from the finest leather with removable cushions, this box is customisable and available in a range of exceptional colours.

    Watch box - 2 watches
  • Discover our collection of handmade leather watch boxes. Protect your luxury watches in style with our high-end cases, available in a variety of colours and customisable with unique engravings.

    Watch box - 1 watch
  • Discover Noreve's natural leather jewellery box. Perfect for storing and showcasing your everyday jewellery, this box has 8 leather-lined compartments for impeccable organisation.

    Jewellery box
  • Our leather presentation tray is ideal for displaying your jewellery and watches with elegance. Available in a range of materials and colours, this tray offers generous space and practical modularity for organising your precious accessories.

    Presentation tray - M
  • Discover our luxury presentation tray to enhance your jewellery and watches. Available in a variety of colours, it offers elegance and modularity for impeccable storage.

    Presentation tray - S
Watch case and box

Top-of-the-range leather watch cases and boxes

Discover our wide range of top-of-the-range leather watch cases and boxes. Safely protect your precious watches with our extensive collection of watch cases. These travel cases are the perfect accessory for men and women who want to take their watches on the move. Functional and beautifully designed, our watch protectors are for watch lovers and connoisseurs alike. Explore Noreve's exclusive collection of fully customisable watch cases and boxes, crafted from the finest leathers and lined with alcantara. Whether for storage or travel, our cases offer elegance and protection for your luxury watches.

The art of protecting your luxury watches and clocks with a premium case

Experience the ultimate in quality and elegance with Noreve's bespoke watch cases. Our cases are meticulously designed with attention to detail and offer superior finishes. Each case features small leather or alcantara cushions to protect your beautiful luxury clocks. Designed for collectors who appreciate high-end timepieces, Noreve's premium watch cases offer impeccable elegance and functionality. Choose from a variety of leathers and personalise your case down to the smallest detail. Trust Noreve to protect and enhance your precious luxury watches.

Made-to-measure and customisable travel watch cases

Customise your travel watch case with Noreve. Our cases are available in different colours and types of leather, including synthetic leather or vegan texture, allowing you to find the one that best suits your style. Add a personal touch with a beautiful engraving of your initials, name or even a UV printed image. Our elegant, customisable watch cases are designed to delight collectors who appreciate luxury watches. Dare to create a unique gift for your loved ones who are passionate about precision engineering. Noreve travel cases are the perfect gift for watch lovers and collectors.

Buying guide for your watch case

Looking for a case or box to protect your watches when you're on the move? Look no further than our selection of the best cases for your precious watches to protect them from knocks and scratches. A travel case is essential for protecting your watches while you're on the move. In this buying guide, you'll discover the main benefits of this product, so popular with watch enthusiasts.

Practicality. First and foremost, a watch case is much more practical than a box. Compact, it saves space and makes it easy to store your collection in a bag or suitcase without risking damage to your watches.

Discreet. The watch case is a discreet and elegant accessory, particularly popular with men. It protects your watches from scratches while taking up very little space. Its design makes it a beautiful accessory to look at.