Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Samsung Galaxy Note Edge

Noreve, the indispensable ally of your smartphone

To compensate for these weaknesses, Noreve has specifically designed protective shells so that you can fully enjoy your device with serenity. Noreve covers are tailored to fit perfectly your Galaxy Note Edge. Your phablet, and its screen in particular, will be completely protected from shocks and falls, especially since the leather coating of Noreve cases provides a better grip. Noreve sleeves also enjoy an impeccable finish quality thanks to their handcrafted design, which offers them a non-negligible touch of elegance.

Customise your Galaxy Note Edge with Noreve

While Noreve protections are renowned for their robustness, quality of service is equally important to the company. In order to satisfy its customers as much as possible, Noreve offers them to make themselves the protection of their choice. Thus, to protect their Note Edge, customers will have the choice between a vertical and horizontal flap cover, simple or wallet-style. Once they have chosen the protection that they like, customers will be able to adorn it with the colour they like, as well as the texture, both for the inner and the outer coating. Thanks to Noreve, you will be the owner of a Samsung Galaxy Note Edge that does not look like any other.

Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, where it all began

October 2014, Samsung launches the Galaxy Note 4, a brilliant phablet that immediately finds success with fans. One month later, essentially on the basis of this successful model, and after years of research and development, Samsung launches the Galaxy Note Edge, with an OLED display that is bent on one side, promising that this technology would revolutionise the world of smartphones. The Note Edge has then a display of 1600 x 2560 pixels on a Super AMOLED panel of 5.6 inches. It is natively powered by Android 4.4.4 and is supported by a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor. The Note Edge has 3 GB of RAM and 32 GB or 64 GB of storage space, expandable to 256 GB using a micro SD memory card. This phablet signed by Samsung is equipped with a camera culminating at 16 megapixels, lined with a secondary sensor of 3.7 megapixels. There is also a fingerprint scanner.

A revolution, with its imperfections

The big novelty on this model is therefore its curved screen on one side, where you can select additional content and functionality, and giving it an asymmetrical shape. Needless to say, this innovation is revolutionary as Samsung continues to use this technology with great success. In addition to this, the Note Edge is equipped with a 5.6-inch screen with QHD resolution for a better experience. Despite this innovation, the Galaxy Note Edge still presents some weak points. The curved screen on one side added to its large width would be more prone to shocks that could cause cracks, and left-handed people will have some difficulty to get used to it. The absence of resistance to dust and water are added to this list and make the Galaxy Note Edge a rather fragile smartphone although at the cutting edge of technology.