Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, the innovation to be perfected with a high-end case

Samsung returns with a second foldable smartphone: the Galaxy Z Flip. Less high-end than the Galaxy Fold (2019), the Galaxy Z Flip has a screen that folds vertically, announcing the comeback of the flip phone which was very popular in the 2000s. It includes a Qualcomm Snapdragon 855+ processor engraved in 7 nm and 8 GB of RAM. It is available in a 5G version with 256GB of storage non-expandable with a microSD card. The Galaxy Z Flip is built around a 6.7-inch Infinity Flex AMOLED folding display. Unlike the Galaxy Fold, the flip smartphone is covered with a foldable glass cover. Indeed, Samsung has now opted for a flexible glass. The Z Flip is therefore more resistant than the Fold. The screen of the flip phone is not exempt from a fold trace on the central hinge. On the back, Samsung has also integrated a secondary one-inch screen on the back to check the status of the battery or the charge level. This tiny pop-up screen also enables the user to check the number of SMS messages received and to quickly pick up the phone when having a phone call. In addition, there is a fingerprint scanner on the edge near the power button. The autonomy of the foldable smartphone is powered by two batteries for a total of 3300 mAh. Regarding photos, the Galaxy Z Flip features a dual 12 MP rear photo sensor consisting of an ultra-wide angle module.

The best protection for the exceptional Samsung Galaxy Z Flip

The hinge of the Galaxy Z Flip is capable of locking in any position like a laptop. The lower part of the Z Flip is then horizontal and serves as a support, ideal during a video call. Although this reduces the need to hold it at arm's length in front of you, the Galaxy Z Flip is not immune to shocks or falls. Are you sick of replacing a cracked or broken screen? That's why you should provide it with a custom-made case that can protect its dual screen from any damage. This protection accessory has been specially designed to protect this uniquely designed smartphone from scratches, falls, dust and any other damage it might experience.

A case or holder for your precious Galaxy Z Flip

A high-end foldable smartphone like the Galaxy Z Flip deserves optimal protection of its integrity. Noreve is committed to offering you the best security for your device by suggesting a premium case or pocket for this model. Each item is entirely handmade by our expert craftsmen in Saint-Tropez. The quality, the know-how and the meticulousness that our craftsmen put into their work guarantee you the acquisition of a shell or a case of high quality. The cut-outs are judiciously made in the leather to maintain the essential features as well as access to the ports and buttons of this unique smartphone.

Choose your case design for Galaxy Z Flip

Thanks to Noreve, become the designer of your case by customizing it according to your style and taste. Indeed, you can choose the finition that best suits you thanks to the wide range of available finishes: smooth, grained, padded, patent or nubuck leather. You can also choose from a wide range of colours. But that's not all! You can also have your own logo or initials engraved on your cover, indicating to us when you place your order. It is also possible to add accessories depending on the model of your case, such as a loop on the back to simplify the grip or a belt clip for more practicality. Thus, everything is carry out to turn your case into a timeless luxury accessory!