Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

Galaxy S6 Edge Plus

A high quality finish for a Samsung Galaxy mobile phone cover

NOREVE specialises in small leather goods. With our specific skills and know-how, we produce an exceptionally elegant range of smartphone cases in high quality leather for your Samsung Galaxy mobile phone. In order to guarantee efficient protection against falls and shocks, out mobile phone cases are equipped with an internal thermoplastic frame which reinforces the rigidity of the structure.

The different models of mobile phone covers for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge

Our leather cases for the Samsung Galaxy mobile phone are smartphone accessories which although robust are still extremely elegant. Make your choice from a range of colours for both the leather exterior and the internal lining.

Opt for a functional case for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge mobile phone

An accessory you use every day must be functional and help simplify life. Our mobile phone covers and cases do just that. They are available with different options, for example a belt clip or a magnetic flap. Our products for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are, of course, completely compatible with all the features of your smartphone.

Discover our collection of covers for Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plusmobile phones

The latest generation Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone is the main competitor to the ineluctable iPhone and has been developed with new features to make your life simpler. But you still have to be careful with your smartphone. We use them all the day long. We take them out, we put them away, tens of times during the day, increasing the risk of damaging them. That is why we produce smartphone covers and cases designed to provide excellent protection for your Samsung Galaxy.