Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Google Pixel 8

Pixel 8

Why do you need a high-end case to protect your Google Pixel 8?

Your Google Pixel 8 isn't just a smartphone, it's a window on the modern world. It captures your precious memories, organises your life, and connects you with your loved ones. However, with its constant use, it's exposed to a multitude of hazards - from annoying scratches to unexpected drops. To preserve its splendour and performance, you need protection worthy of this technological jewel. Opt for a high-quality leather case that combines luxury and robustness, ensuring that your Google Pixel 8 stays in perfect condition, no matter where life takes you. What's more, a top-of-the-range case will help you keep it in its original condition over the years.

Choosing Noreve covers to protect your Google Pixel 8

When it comes to protecting your Google Pixel 8, you shouldn't compromise. That's where Noreve Saint-Tropez comes in. We offer you a diverse range of top-of-the-range protective covers specially designed for the Google Pixel 8. Our leather covers are the result of years of experience and the know-how of our skilled craftsmen. At Noreve, we only use authentic, luxurious leathers to bring our cases to life, giving them timeless elegance and exceptional durability. Noreve cases for the Google Pixel 8 are not just protective accessories, they are works of art in leather. Each one is carefully handcrafted to offer maximum protection while preserving the refined aesthetics of your device. Unlike plastic or silicone cases, our genuine leather cases are not only robust, they also add a touch of elegance to your Google Pixel 8. You don't sacrifice style for protection, you get both. Our cases for the Google Pixel 8 are specially designed for optimum protection. They feature a rigid internal frame that absorbs shock and protects your device from damage caused by drops. What's more, their rugged construction offers increased resistance to scratches and scuffs, keeping your Google Pixel 8 in pristine condition for longer.

Ultimate personalisation - Discover the customisation options for your Noreve case!

At Noreve, we believe in the uniqueness of each individual, just like the uniqueness of your Google Pixel 8. That's why we offer you plenty of customisation options to make your case a true expression of your identity. To start with, you can choose from five different types of cover: a vertical flap cover, a wallet case, a minimalist pouch, a horizontal flap cover and a back cover. Then you can add a personal touch to your case by having a monogram, your initials or name, or even the logo of your choice engraved in the leather. What's more, we offer ten different types of leather, each with its own unique characteristics and shades. With over 100 colours available for the exterior of the shell and over 80 colours for the interior lining, the customisation possibilities are endless. We also offer practical options for the back of the case, such as card slots, a back stand for easy viewing, or even a back loop for a better grip. And that's not all! For an even more personalised experience, you can add a wrist strap, neck strap or shoulder strap for easy and stylish carrying. In conclusion, your Google Pixel 8 deserves the best possible protection, combining style and durability. Choose a Noreve genuine leather case and give your precious device unrivalled protection and personalisation. Noreve cases ensure your Google Pixel 8 stays as stylish as it performs, wherever life takes you.

Why does the Google Pixel 8 deserve a tough case?

The Google Pixel 8 is a major update to its predecessor. It brings several significant improvements, including a smoother, brighter screen with a 120Hz refresh rate. Maximum brightness is also increased by 400 nits, making the screen more visible in bright sunlight. The Pixel 8 is powered by Google's new Tensor G2 processor, which is an improved version of its predecessor's Tensor G1. The G2 offers faster performance and greater energy efficiency. The Pixel 8 has better battery life, with a capacity of 4,600 mAh. So this technology deserves superior protection, and what's more, the Pixel 8 is smaller and lighter this year. And Noreve is offering you this protection with a touch of luxury and elegance.

Our Pixel 8 cases selection

  • 85,03 $

    Pixel 8 Case Perpétuelle Rouge

    [Tradition E - 26216TE7/f]

  • 85,03 $

    Pixel 8 Case Perpétuelle Marron

    [Tradition E - 26216TE9/f]

  • 102,93 $

    Pixel 8 Case Exception Sable vintage

    [Tradition E - 26216TE11/f]

  • 102,93 $

    Pixel 8 Case Perpétuelle Couture Bleu océan - Couture

    [Tradition E - 26216TE8-PC/f]

  • 89,50 $

    Pixel 8 Case Ambition Anthracite

    [Tradition E - 26216TE29/f]

  • 89,50 $

    Pixel 8 Case Ambition Cobalt

    [Tradition E - 26216TE34/f]

  • 107,41 $

    Pixel 8 Case Ambition Couture Papaye - Couture

    [Tradition E - 26216TE31-PC/f]

  • 102,93 $

    Pixel 8 Case Exception Prune vintage

    [Tradition E - 26216TE44/f]

  • 156,63 $

    Pixel 8 Case Tentation Tropézienne Couture Rose BB - Couture

    [Tradition E - 26216TE64-PC/f]

  • 138,73 $

    Pixel 8 Case Tentation Tropézienne Darboun sabla

    [Tradition E - 26216TE61/f]

  • 138,73 $

    Pixel 8 Case Tentation Tropézienne Castan esparciate

    [Tradition E - 26216TE68/f]

  • 120,83 $

    Pixel 8 Case Exception Couture Jean vintage - Couture

    [Tradition E - 26216TE17-PC/f]

  • 107,41 $

    Pixel 8 Case Horizon Abaca ishia

    [Tradition E - 26216TE49/f]

  • 107,41 $

    Pixel 8 Case Horizon Autruche ciliegia

    [Tradition E - 26216TE51/f]

  • 107,41 $

    Pixel 8 Case Horizon Crocodile pino

    [Tradition E - 26216TE58/f]

  • 156,63 $

    Pixel 8 Case Patine Gris Patine

    [Tradition E - 26216TE3-pat/f]

  • 156,63 $

    Pixel 8 Case Patine Bleu Patine

    [Tradition E - 26216TE8-pat/f]

  • 156,63 $

    Pixel 8 Case Patine Fauve Patine

    [Tradition E - 26216TE14-Pat/f]

  • 129,78 $

    Pixel 8 Case Addiction Rouge passion

    [Tradition E - 26216TE71/f]

  • 129,78 $

    Pixel 8 Case Addiction Vert séduisant

    [Tradition E - 26216TE75/f]

  • 129,78 $

    Pixel 8 Case Addiction Orange vibrant

    [Tradition E - 26216TE76/f]