Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Samsung Galaxy Fold

Premium genuine leather protections for the Samsung Fold

The Samsung Fold consists of a high-end mobile device such as a phablet or tabletophone. In other words, the device is an excellent compromise between smartphone and tablet computer with its large 7.3-inch display. This is the result of 10 years of in-depth research conducted by the Korean giant's experts. It is the first mobile terminal with an Infinity Flex display that can be folded and unfolded according to the user's needs. Its sophisticated hinge has been meticulously assembled like a clock. It is powered by Android 9.0 and includes a Snapdragon 855 processor. Ultra-performing, it offers 12 GB RAM and 512 GB storage memory. The capacity of its Lithium Polymer battery (Li-po) has a power of 4380 mAh. Once folded, the phablet can be easily held with one hand. When you open it, the integrated App Continuity feature allows a very smooth transition. The Galaxy Fold can display and manage 3 applications simultaneously.

A luxury cover or case for the Samsung Fold

The Samsung Fold is one of the pioneers in terms of folding smartphones. Its revolutionary design has been well studied to provide a good grip. But this does not mean that the device is totally safe from slipping. This is the first reason why you should wrap it with a custom-made cover, which will protect it from this kind of accident. A protective accessory specifically designed for this avant-garde terminal will also protect it from shocks, cracks, scratches, dust and other external aggressions that can quickly alter its original condition.

Give your Samsung Fold the most beautiful cover

A premium device like the Samsung Fold deserves protection that matches its reputation. Maison Noreve offers you the right cover, case, sleeve or holder to secure your tabletophone. Each item is handcrafted in premium genuine leather in our workshops in Saint-Tropez. All accessories have been designed to protect the terminal in an optimal way while facilitating its use. As a result, cut-outs have been judiciously integrated into the leather, so that you can use all the ports and buttons of your Samsung Fold at any time, without having to remove its safety accessory.

Customisation as a bonus with Noreve covers and cases

Your Noreve branded genuine leather cover is customisable according to your desires and style. To do this, you can select the leather texture and colour after choosing the finish that attracts you most. You can also ask our leather craftsmen to engrave (under heat, intaglio or embossed) your initials, first name, picture or other. That's not all, we can remove our logo, and replace it with yours. Depending on the model chosen, 2 or 4 credit or business card slots can be added on the back of the holder.