Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Samsung Galaxy S6

Modern design leather mobile phone cases for your Samsung Galaxy S6

The Galaxy S6 is one of the top models in the Samsung Galaxy range of smartphones. If you always have your smartphone with you and want to protect it against all eventualities, you should invest in a beautiful leather mobile phone case. The Noreve range is handmade and pays attention to detail.

A robust, modern design for your mobile phone cover

Noreve's cases for the Samsung Galaxy S6 provide real protection for your mobile phone. This is mainly because they have an internal thermoplastic frame which provides adequate rigidity and extra thickness against external shocks.

Options for your Galaxy S6 case

Each mobile phone case comes in a large range of colours. You can even choose the colour of the lining, and, if you want, add a belt-clip.

An elegant and practical design for your mobile phone cover

Are you in two minds about getting a beautiful case for your Galaxy S6 mobile phone, because you think it will make using your favourite phone that much more complicated? Don't worry, Noreve mobile phone covers are designed so that you can use all your phone's functions without any inconvenience, even the camera and flash. Simply choose from our range of mobile phone covers the one that best meets your requirements.