Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Samsung Galaxy Note 4

Discover our covers for the Galaxy Note 4

When you are lucky enough to have one of the best smartphones on the market, it would be a shame if you didn't have a cover for it providing high standards of protection on a daily basis. Noreve has designed a range of smartphone covers with authentic leather-working craftsmanship.

Why choose a leather cover for your smartphone?

Leather is a noble material which has several advantages. Of course it looks good, but that is not all! We use top quality hides which provide higher resistance to daily wear and tear, guaranteeing an excellent protection for your Samsung Galaxy 4 Note smartphone all the time.

A special production process for Galaxy Note 4 covers

Working leather by hand produces a magnificent finished product, providing a cover for a mobile phone which is far more elegant than a basic clip-on shell. To provide the necessary rigidity, Noreve's mobile phone covers are designed with a rigid internal thermoplastic frame.

Your mobile phone retains 100% of its functionality

A considerable amount of work has been put into the ergonomics of the case for the Galaxy Note 4: you can use all the functions of the smartphone without any problem, even the camera and flash can be used with the case on.

Your Galaxy Note leather cover is available in a large range of colours

All of the different covers for the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 are available in a large range of colours. You can even choose the colour of the lining.

Options for Samsung Galaxy Note 4 cases

Noreve offers the option of having a belt-clip for your mobile phone case: made in steel or plastic. All that remains is to choose the case for your Galaxy Note 4 that best meets your requirements.