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Reliability of Noreve covers, cases, holders and sleeves for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Protect your device at best with the best accessories developed in the luxury, charm and beauty of Saint-Tropez. Maison Noreve never ceases to create the dream by focusing on the quality of its materials, the creativity of its designers and the know-how of its craftsmen. Looking for an edge version S7 Galaxy cover? You are in the right place. Discover the handmade art at Noreve with protective cases and accessories that reveal real works of art. The carefully selected leather, the timeless and chic design, the well-thought-out cut-out that facilitate the use of all features, are among the criteria that works during manufacturing process. To top it off, a deft finish is reflected on each of the items for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge.

Authentic protection that suits you

The story does not end there! In addition to creating the crème de la crème in matter of covers for Samsung Galaxy S7 edge, Noreve offers you the customisation of your accessory. You will already have plenty of choices in terms of model. It is up to you to choose according to your own criteria the texture or the colour of the leather. Other options may also be considered depending on the item selected, such as the fastening method, storage pockets or the integrated belt clip. Maison Noreve allows you to pamper your Samsung GS7 edge properly.

Impeccable protection to delight your Samsung Galaxy S7 edge

Samsung succeeded brilliantly its entry in the year 2016 with the launch of the S7 edge. Moderately more impressive than the standard Samsung Galaxy S7, this version offers notable improvements in some features but keeps almost all components of the S7. The screen size is between that of the GS7 and the GS6 edge +, with a 5.5-inch format. The screen is curved on the edges with a slightly rounded back on the ends. The 4 GB RAM is associated with a storage capacity of 32 GB expandable via a micro SD card. The Android has a 12.2-megapixel rear camera, very efficient in HDR mode, and another 5-megapixel front camera. Samsung re-integrates the waterproof function previously displayed on the GS5. The grip is quite nice but slippery, imperatively requiring the purchase of a Galaxy S7 edge cover.

Highlight your Galaxy S7 edge Samsung with a timeless GS7 case

In addition to presenting a larger format than the standard Samsung GS7, the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has improved in design. The curved screen has been re-adapted for easier handling. Indeed, one can distinguish an overall front / behind beautiful rounding effect, with an impeccable finish. Despite the innovations made, the surface till remains slippery. Although the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge is more waterproof than the Galaxy S6, tests reveal that the GS7 edge is more fragile in case of falls, twists and shocks. Its high-definition 5.5-inch should be shielded from shocks of any kind.