Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Samsung Galaxy Note 7

Noreve, protection that matches your phablet

If the large size of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 or FE is considered a big plus, it can also have its drawbacks. Indeed, it would be wiser to have adequate protection in order to avoid any accident since holding it in the hand is due to gymnastics, especially since its screen that fits the edges and its glass frame could easily break in case of shock or fall. A Noreve cover will be the best protection for your phablet and will also protect you from possible incidents related to battery overheating. Noreve, the specialist of electronic device protection, designs for your notebooks cases, holders and other tailor-made sleeves that fit your phablet and offer you the necessary serenity so that you can fully enjoy your technology marvel. Noreve has applied its whole experience to offer you elegant, efficient and practical protection at the same time.

Customise your Note 7 with Noreve

As its main concern is customer satisfaction, Noreve listens to them and offers several choices so that everyone can acquire the protection they want and thus have a fully customised phone. 5 alternatives are available to you for the Note 7. Whether you are fans of flap covers, covers or sleeves, you will get more than you bargained for. And it will be up to you to choose the colour and the texture of the inner and outer coating according to your liking.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Enjoy the performance of the Galaxy S7 Edge, with an even larger screen

In September 2016, Samsung launched a phablet, which originally shares the same features as its flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S7 Edge, but with a wider screen of 5.7 inches and a smart stylus named S Pen. After encountering some issues with the battery of this great smartphone, Samsung decides to set things right and launches the Samsung Galaxy FE in July 2017, the same phablet, but without the battery issues. This big smartphone signed by Samsung therefore displays in 1440 x 1560 pixels and is able to read HDR content. It uses Android 7.1.1 Nougat as operating system, supported by an eight-core Exynos 8890 Octa processor. This Galaxy Note has a storage capacity of 64 GB expandable to 256 GB, and a RAM of 4 GB. Its photo sensor offers a resolution of 12 megapixels and is able to shoot full HD videos at 2160p. The secondary camera is 5 megapixels. The Galaxy Note FE is equipped with fingerprint and iris scanning technologies for optimal security of the device and its user. Like its older brother, the FE Note is water resistant.

Easy handling for people with big hands

Samsung Galaxy Note FE is a high-end phablet, which pleases by its sleek design, and is mostly recognized for the quality of its display on its super AMOLED screen of 5.7 inches, always curved at the edges. Because of this large size, one-handed handling is impossible and people with small hands will have difficulty to tame it. This Galaxy Note displays very good ratings for performance tests, especially for the lifespan of its battery. If the first version, the Galaxy Note 7, has encountered some overheating problems, this seems to have been corrected on the second version, the FE.