Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Why dress up your Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ with a cover or a case?

The Samsung Galaxy Note10+ has a sleek design but its dimensions can make its grip a bit complex. To remedy this and reduce the risk of slipping, offer your smartphone a custom-made cover with cuts allowing you to use its essential functions at any time. Give its great screen an optimal protection with a premium case. A quality accessory will secure the device from all external aggressions that could damage it too quickly. Opt for a real leather model to have the elegance as a bonus!

Choose a Noreve cover or case for your Samsung Galaxy Note10+

Looking for a glamorous and original Samsung Galaxy Note10+ cover? Noreve proposes models made of handcrafted quality leather. Your smartphone will have a perfect protection in a tailored accessory hand made by the best leather craftsmen of Saint-Tropez. You have the choice between many items of different designs. Extremely practical, some of the accessories are even equipped with compartments for business or credit cards. Every case, cover, sleeve and holder has well-placed cuts so that you can use your Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus anytime, without ever having to take off its prestigious protective accessory. Plus, your phone will be protected from shocks, cracks, scratches, dirt and other aggressions.

A Noreve cover for Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Plus customized by yourself

We give you the opportunity to become the co-creator of the accessory of your choice for your Samsung Galaxy Note10+. Start by choosing the finish that best suits your style. Then, select the color and texture of the leather to get a unique item. Better yet, engrave letters or an image according to your preferences and obtain an outstanding product that will perfectly fit with your personality. By default, our accessories proudly wear the Noreve logo, but our craftsmen can make yours without any identity code if you want.