Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Luxury protections for iPhone 11 Pro Max(2019)

The Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max is the worthy successor to the iPhone XS. It is a high-end smartphone that is powered by iOS 13. The device features a large 6.5-inch Full HD OLED screen. Its Face ID system has improved slightly compared to its predecessors’. The terminal incorporates the LeapHaptics technology while the older one is equipped with the famous 3D Touch. For amateurs and photography enthusiasts, you can take beautiful pictures thanks to the iPhone's triple sensor with flash, as well as its 12 megapixel front camera. You can also have fun with the Smart Frame feature, which allows you to take pictures with the wide-angle lens, which even captures the area around the scene. Equipped with a 3,500 mAh battery, the device offers a long battery life and can be charged wirelessly. With 6 GB of RAM and 64, 256 or 512 GB of ROM, it is a high-performance phone.

The advantages of wrapping your Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max (2019) with a cover or case

Slim and rather light, the iPhone 11 Pro Max needs a first-class protective accessory to stay safe from various external aggressions. To protect it from falls, shocks, scratches, cracks and dust, provide it with a shock absorbing holder, a beautiful sleeve with an optimal design or a robust dust cover. Make sure you buy a model with cut-outs that will allow you to use the smartphone's ports and buttons at any time.

Noreve covers and cases for your iPhone 11 Pro Max (2019)

Noreve offers you in this selection a range of covers and cases with well thought-out ergonomics. They have all been designed specifically for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. Each of these models is made entirely of genuine leather and handmade by qualified leather craftsmen from Saint-Tropez. A Noreve cover will give your premium Apple phone a touch of glamour and elegance that will not go unnoticed. It will also provide reliable protection and good shock absorption. In addition, a Noreve case for iPhone 11 Pro Max has the famous cut-outs that make the terminal’s essential functions accessible without having to remove the accessory.

Customising your Noreve cover as a bonus!

Here, you will find genuine leather accessories made with traditional workmanship. But the most interesting thing is that Noreve offers you the opportunity to create the model of your dreams. Depending on the finish you like most, you have the opportunity to choose the leather colour and texture. Depending on the selected finish, we can add 2 or 4 slots for business or credit cards if you wish. Upon request, our craftsmen will engrave letters or an image of your choice on the accessory and/or remove the Noreve logo.