Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Tablet Hanvon

Enter into the universe of luxury covers by clicking on the model of your Hanvon touch screen tablet. The next stage will be to choose the design and texture which best correspond to your personality.

Ingenuity at the service of technology with Hanvon

Despite its young age in the market of new technologies, the Hanvon company has already scored many points with consumers. Indeed, Hanvon has made a name for itself in the production of graphics tablets, and is also recognized for its other products: electronic readers, TouchPad, biometric recognition devices, etc. The 6-inch screen Hanvon Wisereader N516 has become famous since its release in 2009. Hanvon proposes rich and high-performance ranges, like the Hanvon BC5C and Hanvon BA10E models in the TouchPad category, or the Art Master, the Graphic Pal and the Rollick in the Universe of graphics tablet. Hanvon relies on its assets to attract the general public with the Graphic Pad. The device has 1024 pressure levels to easily manage the thickness of the lines and the airbrush. It can be used in an office environment, as well as for computer-aided design. In terms of favourite, the Art Master III professional graphics tablet hit hard. Suitable for both right and left-handed people, it is equipped with an ultra-precise stylus that is sensitive to pressure changes, just as we were drawing for real. Available in three different formats, it matches perfectly the artists’ requirements.

Noreve, a subtle blend of Saint-Tropez dream and reality

Saint-Tropez is not only the favourite destination for tourists and jet set members. It is also Maison Noreve’s source of inspiration. Noreve is a master in the field of the tablet protection manufacturing. Noreve offers you an unprecedented selection to preserve your Hanvon model. It uses premium quality materials that it puts into the hands of its expert craftsmen. The impeccable aesthetics of Noreve articles reflects the limitless creativity of designers. The practical side is also taken into consideration with perfectly executed cut-outs and well thought out storage pockets. Protect your tablet with elegance and simplicity with Noreve!