Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Microsoft Surface Pro X

The best protections for the Microsoft Surface Pro X Tablet

Microsoft Surface Pro X is a high-end digital tablet, whose performance remains a sure bet. Its borders are thinner compared to those of its predecessors in the Surface Pro range, highlighting its 13-inch screen. The terminal features a powerful Qualcomm 4G compatible processor, the famous SoC custom Microsoft SQ1, a custom chip that makes the tablet both unique and powerful. Appearing as the perfect compromise between laptop and classic tablet, the Surface Pro X features two USB C ports and two speakers. For the RAM, you have the choice between two versions: 8GB and 16GB.

Protect your Microsoft Surface Pro X tablet with a case or cover

Since it is a luxury tablet, it should be wrapped with an accessory of its own reputation. This will give it optimal protection against all external aggressions that may tarnish it too quickly. Whether you choose a cover, a case, a sleeve or a holder, the most important thing is to make sure that the accessory has been specifically designed for the Microsoft Surface Pro X tablet. This way, the device will be resistant to shocks, scratches and dirt. Also check that there are cut-outs well positioned to access buttons and ports on the tablet at all times.

Noreve custom-made covers for your Microsoft Surface Pro X tablet

Specialised in genuine leather protective accessory traditional craftsmanship for mobile devices, Noreve offers you this selection of ergonomically designed covers, cases, sleeves and holders for your Surface Pro X. Our leather craftsmen have carefully handcrafted them to fit the shape of the device and provide reliable protection. Cut-outs are right where you need them for maximum convenience. These are robust and shock absorbing accessories that will embellish your Microsoft tablet at the same time thanks to their glamorous side.

Customising your Microsoft Surface Pro X tablet Noreve cover

Noreve offers you to co-create your cover so that it is unique and reflects your personality. To do so, you can choose the finish that attracts you most, then select the leather texture and colour. It is not over yet, you have the opportunity to have your first name, initials or logo engraved (hot, hollow or embossed) on the outer lining of the item. Depending on the model chosen, a strap and/or slots for business or credit cards can be added. We can even remove our logo if you wish.