Protections, cases, pouches and covers for LG K10

Come and discover our cases and shells for the LG K10 smartphone

The LG K10 smartphone is much more than a simple mobile phone; it can be used to make and receive calls of course, but you can also listen to music, take photos or videos and surf on the net. Suffice to say, we spend our time taking it out then putting it away, creating dozens of opportunities for it to slip from our hands and break on the ground. To avoid such and eventuality, it is important to invest in an effective smartphone protective case. Waste no time in discovering our leather mobile phone cases for the LG K10.

Superb finishes for our mobile phone cases

To ensure that you benefit from impeccable, high quality craftsmanship, we design everything for our mobile phone cases in our workshops from A to Z and our highly skilled teams use authentic, age-old craftsmanship. You will therefore own a leather mobile phone case for your LG K10 that has been manufactured with high-end raw materials and a TPU inner lining to protect it from shocks.

Your personalised LG K10 shell for your LG smartphone

Do you love accessories in bright colours and adore being able to choose your own colour combinations? With twelve colours for your leather mobile phone case and more than thirty for the lining, this is exactly what we offer you for the leather case of your LG K10 smartphone.

Different formats of cases and protective covers for the LG K10 mobile

Do you love indulging yourself with a model where the screen is always visible and which is designed to give you access to all the controls of your mobile phone? Do you prefer a mobile phone flip case? Discover our different case models for the LG mobile phone.