Protections, cases, pouches and covers for LG G5

Protect your LG G5 with a leather smartphone shell

Quad Core Snapdragon 820 processor, 4G modem, micro SD port, 4GB RAM LPDDR4, 5.3 inch IPS screen ... So much for the technical side of the G5 LG smartphone which therefore offers performance worthy of the best mobile phones currently available on the market. It offers a great all-metal unibody design. So if you decide to offer you the latest model of Korean manufacturer, think immediately of purchasing a phone shell that will live up daily LG G5 services.

Robust phone case and the perfect finishings for your LG G5

The secret of the strength of our phone covers is kept as it is a thermoplastic frame that constitutes the rigid structure of our products which are of course dressed in premium leather. No way to outsource such a specific production, all our leather cases for LG G5 are manufactured in our workshops in south of France by craftsmen who are the specialists in a field of small leather goods art to offer you the smartphone protections as effective as they are elegant.

The options for your mobile LG shell G5

Your preference is the leather cases with a strong magnet closure that holds it in place? Does it seem essential that your mobile phone case is equipped with a belt clip? You always find the phone case you want for your LG smartphone G5. And you will be delighted to find out that all our products have leather cutouts allowing you to use the mobile phone as if it has no protection.

The choice of colors for your LG G5 case

While choosing a smartphone protection an aesthetic aspect is obviously important. Of course we will not spoil a stunning look of the LG G5. Actually on our website you can find an enormous choice of colors and finishings. And do not forget that our smartphones cases are designed to be ultra lightweight and compact.