Nokia 9 PureView leather case

[ Tradition - 21291T ]

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Nokia 9 PureView

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Nokia 9 PureView leather case - Noir PU

Characteristics - Leather cover for Nokia 9 PureView

This Nokia 9 PureView cover has been carefully made by talented and experienced craftsmen to give your electronic jewel the safest possible protection. Cut in premium leather, they elegantly wrap your devices. Cut-out made with precision makes it easy to access essential phone features such as charging, camera and flash. You can also listen to music with headphones without removing the cover. The simple and light design of this cover gives it an unparalleled charm without impeding its use. Indeed, the case has been custom made for the Nokia9 PureView phone to fit its morphology and ensure maximum security. Your terminal is thus protected from breakage and scratches. Worked piece by piece by qualified professionals and subjected to a rigorous control, each article is endowed with artisanal manufacture quality. The Noreve logo on the inner lining of your cover ensures the good quality of our products. Enjoy the infinite range of Noreve company to preserve your devices. It offers a wide range of customisable cases at very competitive prices. Whatever the brand of your device, you will find the cover you need via the site’s search engine.

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Evolution [PU - Synthetic leather]
Perpétuelle [Smooth leather]
Ambition [Grained leather]
Exception [Nubuck suede-like leather]
Pulsion [Fluo leather]
Illumination [Patent leather]
Horizon [Special handworked leather]
Tentation Tropézienne [The Must in Leather]
Addiction [Saffianoleather]
Patine [Elegance made by the effects of time]