Nokia 9 PureView leather cover

[ Tradition E - 21291TE ]

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Nokia 9 PureView

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Nokia 9 PureView leather cover - Noir PU

Characteristics - Leather cover for Nokia 9 PureView

Enjoy this elegant handcrafted leather cover, that is, haute couture for your smartphone. It is an artisanal tailoring with neat design to customise it so that it can stand out from other models of trade. The leather that is used is natural, and keeps a perfect appearance over time. This leather cover will delight users of the Nokia 9 PureView, because it was designed specifically for this model of smartphone. It provides all specificities for a perfect adhesion. Then, the thermoplastic inner frame does not disturb in any case the phone signal when you receive calls or notifications. On the contrary, it ensures optimal security for your Nokia 9 PureView. This cover is very well thought out with its various cut-outs that allow using all features of your device. This casing allows photo and video capture, as well as battery charging and syncing. You can also listen to music because the headphone connection is not covered. This authentic cover is one of the best-selling of Noreve brand, compatible with a Nokia 9 PureView. In addition, its logo is engraved on the inner lining as soon as you open the cover.

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