Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Apple iPhone 7 Plus

iPhone 7 Plus

Explore our collection of leather mobile phone covers for your Apple iPhone 7 Plus

Apple’s iPhone has revolutionized the mobile phone world and is still an absolute must-have smartphone, thanks to its elegant design and superb performance. Apple continues to improve its smartphone products by introducing ever-more advanced models. The iPhone 7 Plus is obviously even more powerful than its predecessors and once you’ve got hold of one, it will be hard to do without it. So it’s all the more important that you protect it from damage with a smart leather mobile phone cover.

Top-of-the-range protection for your iPhone 7 Plus thanks to a stylish pouch

Maybe you think it’s impossible to design leather smartphone covers which both look great and offer real protection? That’s probably because you haven’t yet seen our range of iPhone covers. Our smartphone covers have been specially designed at our St. Tropez offices and all feature an inner thermoplastic layer which means they are as strong as a mobile case, meaning you can keep your favourite iPhone 7 + smartphone well-protected.

Treat yourself to a personalized iPhone 7 + cover

Naturally, you just love the look of your new iPhone 7 Plus and you’ve no real desire to keep it hidden in a generic plastic smartphone cover. Our mobile phone covers give you a choice of different colours and you can even combine two different colours by choosing different shades for the leather of your cover and for your inside lining.

Yet more practical iPhone 7 Plus smartphone covers

It’s absolutely against the question that we should make our smartphone covers anywhere else than in our own workshop, where our expert leather-workers hand-craft our phone covers, creating beautiful finishes just for you. Naturally, your iPhone 7 Plus cover will feature cut-outs in the leather, offering access to your phone’s docks and the ability to take photographs unimpeded. You could even go for the belt-clip or magnetic closure options.