Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Apple iPhone 6s Plus

iPhone 6s Plus

Protect your mobile phone with a robust cover in a modern design

If you like leather goods with an impeccable finish, you will definitely appreciate a Noreve mobile phone case, handmade by craftsmen looking to achieve perfection. Furthermore, the iPhone 6S Plus covers are designed with an internal thermoplastic frame to reinforce the rigidity of the structure and greatly increase protection against shocks.

Personalise your iPhone 6S Plus phone case

Mobile phones like the iPhone 6S Plus have become iconic design objects. On our website you can choose the colour of the lining of your mobile phone case from a wide range of colours. And don't forget the optional belt clip.

A functional mobile phone case with an elegant design

A smartphone as large, as thin and as powerful as the iPhone 6S Plus must have a high end mobile phone case. The majority of Noreve's mobile phone covers are designed to allow you to continue to use all the phone's features and functions. All of our models pay great attention to detail.

Your Apple iPhone 6S Plus deserves a magnificent leather mobile phone case

iPhone and smartphone have basically become synonymous. Today Apple has the iPhone 6S Plus, a mobile phone with increased performance which needs to be perfectly protected to make it last longer. A fall, a shock, spilt liquids ... your iPhone 6S Plus is confronted every day with a number of risks, every time you use it. Opt for a good looking leather mobile phone case to minimise these risks in a very elegant manner.