Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Apple iPhone 6s

iPhone 6s

An unprecedented selection of covers for iPhone 6S

At Noreve, the manufacturing process of a cover for mobile device is monitored closely. Enjoy the beauty of handmade inspired by the luxury of Saint-Tropez, through a model worked to the millimetre. From conception to design, through elaboration to finishes, every detail has been well thought out to allow safe use of your iPhone 6S. There is no risk that your device is damaged by scratches, scrapes or any kind of traces due to shocks. You will enjoy high-quality leather designed to be stylish, lightweight and space-saving.

A customised model to ensure the safety of your Apple iPhone 6S

Various options are available to allow you to customise your Apple iPhone 6S case. You can choose the colour of the coating the same way as you can choose the fastening mode that suits you. By opting for a Noreve cover, you invest in a safe value. Quality and elegance will accompany you in all circumstances!

The best of Apple iPhone 6S cases and covers

Tradition demands it at Apple every odd-numbered year, the S evolution of the iPhone 6 appears in the iPhone universe! Find a dual-core 1.8 GHz that runs under a touch screen identical to that of the iPhone 6, with "HD+" 4.7 inches (1334 x 750 px on a diagonal of 11.9 cm). The whole is supplemented by a 2GB RAM and an expandable storage capacity of 16GB, 64GB and 128GB. In terms of photo usage, the smartphone enjoys sensors of 8Mpx on the rear and 1.9MP in the front for a new combination of 12 Mpx on the back. Apart from its small bonuses at the component level, the iPhone 6S also has 3D Touch technology, making it possible to detect any contact with the screen but also to judge the amount of pressure exerted.

When protecting your iPhone 6S is no longer a problem

Despite a better quality aluminium frame than on an Apple iPhone 6, the grip of the iPhone 6S can still confuse. The surface is slippery, which requires special attention to the choice of the cover, the case, the holder or the sleeve that will envelop your technological marvel! This model requires a tailor-made protection, giving free access to the various functionalities.