Protections, cases, pouches and covers for Apple iPhone 7

iPhone 7

Discover our range of leather cases and flip cases for the iPhone 7

Currently when we think of smartphones, we automatically think of Apple’s iconic iPhone, which has set a new standard in the world of mobile telephony. The Apple brand regularly brings out new versions of its mobile phones, with the iPhone 7 being the last little gem to-date. Even more beautiful and powerful that its predecessors, it’s a safe bet that you soon won’t be able to do without it. You should therefore think about protecting it by treating yourself to a magnificent leather mobile phone case.

Protecting your iPhone 7 with a designer case

Are you wondering if its is really possible to produce leather mobile phones cases that are truly rugged and shock-resistant? The answer can be found in our collection of cases and flip cases for the iPhone, which reuses a design that we developed to combine a rugged shockproof protection with refined aesthetics. Our iPhone cases, like all our smartphone protective cases, come with an inner TPU lining. They are therefore rigid and will provide effective protection for your favourite mobile phone.

Choose a personalised mobile phone case for you Apple iPhone 7

Your new iPhone 7 smartphone is magnificent and you certainly don’t want to hide it under an ugly plastic case. This is why we have designed cases for mobile phones in different colours. You can even mix and match different colours for the leather of your case and its lining, for a truly unique combination.

A chic look with functional iPhone 7 cases

All our mobile phone cases are handcrafted in our workshops by passionate craftsmen who master all the specific techniques required to produce exquisite small leather goods. This guarantees the exemplary finishes that will protect your iPhone 7 smartphone. You can select from different options such as the belt clip or the magnetic closure.